At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Thumbs Up For Daddy!

 No question,...Isaac loves, loves, LOVES,...his Daddy,...but then so do big brothers!!!

What's not to love about a Daddy who takes you to hockey games?

And shares his phone?

Who wouldn't love a Daddy who arranges 'new' experiences,...

And shares his precious time off,...with Y-O-U!!!!

Daddy's always there,...protecting, caring,...encouraging. 

Helping to explore the world,...

Offering unconditional love and acceptance,...

Yeah,...that's a Daddy that definitely deserves a thumbs up!

Our guys love their Daddy,
they know how very blessed they are to have such a father,
so caring,
and careful,
and kind,
so selfless,
and so committed to doing everything he can for his guys. 

A father's love is not just expressed on one Sunday a year,
it's every day,
every night,
its getting up early in the morning,
and working late,
it's staying awake when you're exhausted,
it's denying yourself,
so your children can have what they need.
It's faith,
and prayers,
and hope for your children's future.

So grateful,
my husband,
is not just a father,
but he's a Daddy.
There's a difference.

From our family to yours

Happy Father's Day!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Oh,...It's Summer

Can you believe summer is here? 
Our little guy has been having a BLAST,...even with all the extra school work we've got to cover between now and August when school starts back.

Good news is,...our little guy LOVES to read,...oh yes,...miracles, miracles, miracles. There was a time it was sensory overload for him just to LOOK at a book,...and listen to us read,...uh-uh, that wasn't happening,...but look what's in his room now!

So we had a major miracle concerning Isaac's I.E.P. before school let out,...I.E.P. is Individual Education Plan for special needs students,...and our little guy was going to age-out of yet another great school,...but not this up coming year,...he was given a rare chance to go-over his class work and academically catch up with his peers. 
This is HUGE,...most of the time,...sadly and all too true,...special needs students are just shuffled onto the next grade,...regardless of where their academic standard capabilities are. Speech, social, behaviorally our little guy has made soooooo much progress - everyone involved truly believes he has a shot to catch up.
Picture Mama doing backflips!!!
Nothing, but nothing is off the table for our little guy. 
You bet,...I.I. exceedingly bright and totally deserves the chance. 
Only the ball is in our court now,...and we've been working really hard on reading, math, and grammar skills. I won't sugar coat it,'s a challenge,...we are still dealing with autism, and apraxia, but having our little guy's cooperation is like a dream come true, it's fun. Hello it's Isaac we're talking about,...he's all about fun!!!

Ahhh,...summer,...let's have some fun on Nanny's porch!

And work on some math skills,

These are silicone oven mitts from the local dollar store,...adding googly eyes optional.
Isaac thinks they are cool,...and it has been helpful visual for Greater and Less Than practice. 

Yes, I lost this game,...HUGE!!!
Who said math can't be fun?

Miracle League was a blast this spring!
"I won!" said Isaac when he got his trophy. 

Yes, our darling little guy has out grown his bike, bike coming his way,...soon!

Adventure walks have played a large role in our summer. 
The evenings are cooler, and with flashlight in tow,...we've been enjoying our neighborhood!

Firefly friends? 

Isaac wished for an airplane, but where would we put it? 

I.I. caught a few fish at Papa's pond,...

And discovered puppy love!

What we are loving is all the great skills
 and developmental developments our little guy is experiencing.
Our little guy is mastering skills with leaps and bounds,
and as people of faith we are so grateful to the LORD 
for all the many blessing we've received! 

On a side note,...
there is some pretty big news 
to be announced in the next few weeks,
exciting stuff for our family.
Stay tuned!

Yes! Our little guy made this as a thank you for his teachers!!!!
the back side said, "Thanks for being part of my flock!" 

Hope everyone else is having a great summer!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mothering A Child On The Spectrum: Lessons Learned,...

It's been eight years since Isaac arrived to rock our world,...and truly our world has not ever been the same,...and that's a very good thing. 

Such growth we've experienced in our lives,...such joy,...such challenges,...such compassion and mercy,...such love.

Our child with communication challenges has taught us to communicate with more clarity than I ever thought possible. 

He's taught us patience, and fortitude, which is a very special brand of patience.

He's taught us grace, and humility tinged with dignity, and acceptance for ourselves and others.

He's taught us to see beyond perceptions, to search deep within ourselves, and hold others in tender reverence. 

He's taught us the wonder within the everyday world, and not to take anything for granted. 

He's taught us the fine art of flexibility, and has abolished meaningless social norms.

He's taught us to be bold, to pick our battles, and dig in,...and also when to let go. 

He's taught us joy, and laughter, and silliness galore. 

But more than anything our youngest son has taught us to live in the moment,...and to love deeply with an abiding, unconditional love that has no quid pro quo attached. 

Mothering a child on the spectrum is not always an easy task, can be a maze with many twists and turns, and you don't always know where you are headed, but opening your heart to the lessons to be gleamed along the path is a rewarding experience - and humbling - that we should be so blessed with such a child as this. 

As our child grows, do we,...and that's a very good thing. 

From our family to yours,

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Whew! Keeping up with Isaac can be a whirlwind!!!!

Our little guy has so much going on in his life,
more reading,
reading even more,
activity pages,
more reading,
mowing the law,
tracking air plane flights,
becoming an official resident I.T.,
reading even more,
lego builder,
baseball player,
and number one encourager.
"Good job!" 

In therapy,...both social and speech, and academically in school,
 our little guy has been hitting home runs out of the ball park.
 So much progress,....we are so grateful!!!

Also thanks to everyone who took time to acknowledge Autism during April. 
Yeah,...we can point out that our children deal with Autism 24/7-365,
but we truly are grateful for whatever acceptance or education that is made available.

Very short post today,
but we've many big projects on hand,
some to do with our little guy,
some not,
but it's all part of the life we share,
and we will be sharing the new ventures opening up to us,
when it's time. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!  

Monday, April 2, 2018

Autism Awareness 2018

Our little guy was diagnosed with Autism six years ago, we are very aware of Autism as we live with it every day.

We are aware there is no cure for Autism.
We are aware that therapy is very expensive.
We are aware that this journey can be isolating.
We are aware that the only thing predictable about Autism is there is nothing predictable. 
We are aware that a long view is needed for therapy challenges. 
We are aware that Autism takes you beyond what you thought was your endurance - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 
We are aware a good night's sleep is not a given.
We are aware that sensory issues are real and need compassionate respect. 
We are aware of all the professionals and volunteers who so selfless give themselves to the cause of our children's welfare. Thank you. 

Most of all we are aware the only one not concerned with our son's Autism diagnosis is our son. 

The gift of Autism is that it strips life down to the bare essentials, are you, and I am me, and what else is really important in life?

Until I post again,...may God Bless and Keep you!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Basket Empty, Basket Full, Or Does It Matter?

Spring is here,...that means Easter weekend!

Yes! Isaac can rock him some bunny ears!

Also Special Needs Easter egg hunt!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, the kind and caring, and loving individuals who so thoughtfully provide a venue for our children.

Ever been to an Easter egg hunt? 
The first one we took Isaac to the little plastic eggs were cleared from the hunt area in two seconds flat, with the oldest and fastest kids getting the most bounty. 
The snatch and grab fest wasn't a great afternoon, Isaac only picked up one egg,...and the sensory overload for our toddler was a bit much for him and us,...and it was all very bewildering as we had not even had a Autism diagnoses at that time. So we just kinda set,...Easter egg hunts, aside. 

Then about three years ago,...a local church began to offer an Easter egg hunt just for special needs children. WOW,...what a difference!

Basket empty.

Basket full.

Only Isaac doesn't eat the candy in the basketful of eggs, does it really matter?

Yeah, does. 
Experiences are powerful learning tools. 
Our little guy was out in front when the Easter egg hunt began, 
but please note all the eggs I.I. is leaving in his wake,....for his friends. 
Nor was Isaac the only considerate child,
pretty much across the board,....
all the children were more concerned about their friends getting eggs,
than filling their own baskets. 

And,...hello,...isn't selfless love for others what Easter is all about? 

The bubbles were bonus fun,...

Isaac, of course is already thinking about his next adventures,...

Here's a hint!

"The good book says," says Isaac, "Love one another, be kind to one another."

Life skills our little guy already has a good handle on!

From our family to yours,...may you have a blessed EASTER! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Racing Into Spring

Paying it forward Isaac was happy to get up super early on a super cold Saturday morning to support big brother Michael and the National Center For Sports Safety,...

Getting to help set up vendor tables for a 800+ runner race was totally cool!

Oh yes,...Isaac was determine to make sure those runner had plenty of potassium, via bananas and oranges. What a joy to watch the social interaction of our little guy has he utterly charmed the socks off the runners!

"Here you go!" said Isaac passing out fruit with his sunshine smile! There is not a shy bone in this little guy! Bold as a lion,...he'll speak to anyone, and rare is when the reaction not sheer delight. Seriously? It's pretty amazing to witness so much charism, but then again,...our little guy 'fakes' nothing! Is he typical? Nope, but he's utterly, completely, totally self-confident! He's happy, very, very happy. He's polite, very, very polite. And he's utterly, completely, totally sincere for he really does want others to have a great day!

There is no doubt our little guy is a people person,...but then he does have good role models. Everyone in the world needs to have a big brothers like Teddy and Michael in their life. 

Mark, set go,...Isaac, toward the future at his elementary school's Rocket Run,...

Look,...that's our little guy, with his schoolmates around the quarter mile track. Okay,...we did keep a close eye on our little guy,...habit,...but Isaac ran very independently. He didn't have to have us ten steps away during the race,...such a progress is such a blessing!!!

See Isaac's peas? Oh he's been soooooo excited about this science experiment,...talking about his peas at home!!! Did you get that? Our little guy is talking at home about a school project!!!! These are HUGE developmental leaps,....

How about handling disappointment? 
Saturday morning was so promising,...not a cloud in the sky,...and we had errands to run across town. "You bet we'll stop by the playground on the way home!" Mama promised,...because her little guy had behaved like a CHAMP as we signed him up for Miracle League and then dove into a very crowded Special Needs fair to visit a vendor or two,...or three or four,...or oh my goodness,...Mama talked to nearly everyone, while her little guy stayed right next to her, when he wasn't charming spinners and beach balls from the table attendants. Meeting Uncle George for lunch, another errand,...and finally we head toward the playground,...only the skies were darkening, even as Isaac hopefully said, "It not rain, sunny!" 
Oh dear, did rain in a torrential downpour, but we briefly stopped at the playground, because this Mama doesn't make promises she doesn't keep. 
"We try again,...later?" asked Isaac hopefully...yielding the umbrella, and he dearly loves an umbrella.
"Absolutely!" Mama promises,...and Mama keeps her promises.

Only Sunday is rainy too,...oh dear,...but after church Isaac finds consolation for his playground disappointment at the bookstore,...

Racing into spring,...our little guy is also racing into more developmental breakthroughs, which are for us very exciting. 
When our journey began,...we didn't know if our little guy would be able to tolerate long errand days,...or disappointments,...or outside activities without the fear of his wandering away,...but six years later,...look at our little guy turning into a social butterfly,...becoming a real helper at home,...and learning how to navigate social situations with his own special little finesse. 

In our modern world,'s so rare to see individuals so comfortable with 'who they are.' Isaac knows who he is,...he's GREAT,...and best of all,...he thinks YOU'RE GREAT, TOO!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!