At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, July 3, 2017


Summer 2017 is trucking along, 
and if you ask Isaac,
 "Are you having fun this summer?" 
ten-to-one, he'll answer with a vocalized, 
On this digital page it is impossible to capture the inflection and intonation 
our little guy uses to make such a simple utterance so adorably eloquent,...
as it's not necessarily a response you'd expect from a seven year old. 

Of course with Isaac fun is always relative,...even as therapy marches on,..
the vocalization is adorable, but it's not going to cut it for verbalization, 
thus I.I. is encouraged to,..."Use your words." 
And our little guy does the best he can,...
it's easier now he's older to see where Apraxia is muddling with his motor processing, 
but not his ingenuity!
Can't get the words to form?
No problem, I.I. will use vocalization, "Mm-hmm" - or scripting.
That's a bit of Autism that our little guy uses to his advantage,
when he uses 'clips from media' to say what Apraxia is hampering. 
"I am tired,...I can't go any further," 
spoken in the EXACT intonation of Russell of the movie UP.

Academic activities scattered here and there have also continued this summer 
as our little guy is headed toward Second Grade this fall.  

Tens frames with breakfast, anyone? 

Yummy math is one thing,
but summer adventures are another.

Only with our little guy the only thing that is predictable, 
is that NOTHING is predictable!

Like a special needs football camp!
Cool, right?

Not so fast,
This picture says it all.

Yep, our little guy got thrown into sensory overload. 
Too much going on,
the music blaring from the speakers was too LOUD,
waiting in long lines for super cool stuff is difficult enough for typical kids, 
much less kids on the spectrum,
and that unwashed event shirt given out was way too itchy. 
Also the weather was the tail end of Cindy
making it an unbelievably hot and humid morning. 
But I.I. rallied

And bonded with this football.

Not kidding about the football,...
I.I. rarely fixates upon have-to-have objects,
but this football was his security blanket for the sensory overload, 
thus Daddy or I carried it the entire morning,
and let us NOT try to put that football down or put it in play,
which was a total key that our little guy was struggling with all the sensory issues,
as he was trying to control something in an uncontrollable situation,
and as this was a 'fun' activity we didn't buck the control issue
with therapy techniques, it wasn't that big of a deal. 

Besides,...Isaac couldn't stay glum long. 

Waiting in line was worth getting some personal coaching. 

But make no mistake, was very, very, VERY hot!!!

All the sensory issues during this event really took us by surprise,
as Isaac hasn't had a lot of issues lately,
but it just goes to show you can't figure this stuff out. 
Mid-morning we changed his shirt out as the itchy ink was driving him crazy,
and the event was great about water breaks with snacks,
and they even had a marching band that I.I. really liked a lot. 

Back to work after a break,...

Mama wasn't the only one taking pictures!!!

The favorite part of the day when the team bonded in a cheer!

Then a bit more sensory stuff. 
It could have been the heat and near 100% humidity making our little guy so sensitive. 
Thankfully the blaring music was eventually lowered, 
as our little guy wasn't the one one having a hard time with sensory overload. 

Finish the day strong,...I.I!!!!!

But what an exhausting morning!

And oh dear,...but we had to break-up with that football.
There were tears and whys,
but as always
I.I. triumphed in the end. 

"Now,," says Isaac checking off his bucket list for the year.
"Yeah, right," we say because how in the world are we going to pull off a hockey adventure?
But you know after the baseball game, Isaac said, "Now football." 
And we were, "Yeah, right," because how were we going to pull off a football adventure? 
Then we got an email,
and what do you know but Isaac had the chance to go to a football camp.
Well, if you'll believe it,...but a few days after our hot and humid morning at football camp,
Isaac's Daddy just happen to get into a conversation with a man,
who turned out to be a HEAD COACH for a hockey team. 
No way!
Hockey adventure for a little guy's bucket list coming this fall!

Until then I.I. can make his own fun.

Legos, anyone? 
"Apple," says Isaac, "I make." 

Isaac did make this apple and banana,...ALL BY HIMSELF
with no directions,...other than a picture. 

"I so busy," says Isaac,
and then he make sure to instruct his personal photographer, i.e. ME,
on exactly how to photograph his creations.

Yes,...Isaac muses,...this does look like a real apple. 

What to do when the Summer Reading Program has craft day,
and your little one says, "No thanks." 
Instead of tie-dying a tee-shirt,
Isaac opted to get tied up at the park. 

Arts and crafts for our little guy have come a long way,
but the sensory stuff is really real, 
and when it's not for therapy 
we cut him some slack,
and save our battle leverage for more important things,
like learning how to eat 
fruits and vegetables. 
Blueberries for breakfast, anyone? 

No resort, vacay?
 No problem.
Let's lounge in borrowed chairs with a snack while Mama's shopping. 

And visit fish!

And the lake. 

Fortunately the sign didn't say anything about twigs and pebbles!

Hard to believe this is our seventh summer with Isaac,
but yet the first summer he's had an interest in lighting bugs/fireflies. 

"Where are their matches?" asked I.I.

Golden glow of the sunset

Vacation is half way over,
but the fun has just begun!

"Are you having fun this summer, Isaac?" we asked.
"Mm-hmm," answers our little guy. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, June 23, 2017


A little rain doesn't drizzle out Isaac's summer fun,...

Rain or shine there are too many things to do, a little tennis. 

Some playground time,...

Too bad we didn't do a video to capture some of that joyful laughter,...

And reality,...

Speech therapy doesn't stop during summer vacation,
which is very good as Apraxia has been making itself felt these past few weeks,
or maybe we're just fully realizing the challenges facing our little guy.
You can see it in his little eyes,
he's got something to say,
but nothing is coming out.
even with all the communication disconnects,
more opinions,
and observations,
and endless questions
are nonstop. 
When motor-processing pathways don't work,
our little guy doesn't sweat it,
instead he goes into creative-mode to get his message across. 
Totally amazing. 

Here's some more reality,...

Getting a Father's Day pix with all our guys. 

"Cooperate I.I.,...that means we work together!" 

Mama got her pix,
and I.I. got lots of fun Sunday afternoon!
Properly dressed of course,
the smock is a tad small,
but the little heart beneath is enormous. 

And utterly adorable!
Come on, can't fake this level of joy!

Swoosh,...can't you just hear the giggles?

Take that, Apraxia, can't affect giggles,...or joy!

It's Isaac choice,
and he ALWAYS choses joy!
And curiosity. 

And helpfulness,...
"I help you," says Isaac,
and he does dearly love a helping task. 
Funny thing about Apraxia is one day I.I. can speak perfectly,
but the next day,
or even from minute to minute,
nothing works,
yet I.I. totally takes it in stride,
nothing is going to stop him from being helpful!

See in these pix Apraxia trying to muddle the communication waters,
and I.I.'s response,
telepathy through those little fingers,
they say,

Unstoppable determination to communicate how cool those fishes are!

Apraxia or apprehension,...can't compete with our little guy's curiosity,
especially with a tight grip around Daddy's neck.  

"Music, anyone?"

Unstoppable joy,...unbound!
Our Isaac dances to his own tune. 

And fearlessly walks his own path,...

"This way," says Isaac with more than a note of authority. 

Speech,...can be taught,
or augmented with devices,
but our little guy's unquenchable joy,
and formidable self-confidence
are priceless gifts,
which cannot taught,
nor purchased,
and combined they are utterly unstoppable. 

Thank you dear Lord for our Isaac,
our laughter,
our joy!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, June 16, 2017

It Takes a Special Man to be a DADDY

Father's Day 2017 is almost upon us,...

And no,...that's not I.I. in the picture,...
that pix is over 25 years old.
Our oldest son: Teddy sure is an image of Isaac,
or rather I.I. looks a lot like Teddy in this precious pix,
Teddy helping his Daddy get ready for work. 

We're so blessed to have such a selfless man to care for us,
hard working, 
and such a tender heart for his three boys,
although his first lesson in fatherhood was a lesson of loss,
our first baby
Not a happy ending for a young couple,
but we were bless with two more children,
two and half years apart,...


Our irrepressible pair,
such joys,
and such adventures they had with their very, very, VERY busy Daddy.
No matter how many late shifts,
or double shifts,
this Daddy was a hero to always take time for his little guys:
Trebuchet building,
sub-zero camping,
road trips,
basketball, basketball, and more basketball,
and of course video games.
Mario Brothers,
Oh yeah, Daddy did all the levels. 

Little did we ever dream,...and another son was in our future. 
Teddy was a sophomore at the University,
and Michael jusssssst graduated from High School,
when a solo irrepressible arrived to rock our world!!

Oh yeah,...this is our Isaac,
safe in Daddy's hands,...

Perhaps my husband needed the training ground of 21 years worth of fatherhood,
to so tenderly care for our very special little guy. 
No one wants their child to have challenges,
but no matter what Isaac's challenges are,
Daddy's a hero to be there to help,
to guide,
to support,
whatever is needed,...

Puzzle partner

Bird wrangler,...

Strong arms,
and reassuring presence,...

Strong hand to hold,
should the trail be rocky,...

Partner in adventures,...

Encourager Extraordinaire:
"You've got this I.I.,..."

Gentle patience,....

More patience,...coaching a whirlwind,...

Best seat in the house is whatever seat is next to Daddy!

Even more patience, Isaac tries to instruct
and Daddy turns it into a lesson how to work together,

Who is sillier?
The child in the cellphone suit,
or the Daddy who secured the cellphone suit for his little guy?

You know a Daddy's tight with his little guy if he offers cellphone privileges,...

Daddy and Isaac
make an irrepressible pair themselves!

Our friends all have grandchildren,
but I.I. is like a do-it-yourself grandchild you NEVER have to give back. 

Children are a blessing from the LORD,
and we are so blessed to have our three sons,
and for them to have such 
for a DADDY

So its only been since last year that Isaac's been interested in holidays,
Mother's Day was very special
and we're hoping that Isaac's developing development
will make 2017 the best Father's Day ever!!!

Anyone one can be a father,
but it takes a very special person to be a DADDY!!!

Happy Father's Day

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!