At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, August 18, 2017

First Week: Second Grade

 First week of school is almost in the books for Isaac, 
"I love Ms. C!" he says of of his new teacher, 
and that's a great way to start a new school year!

Isaac also loves Legos!
We scored a bag last Friday at the thrift store,
not that he 'needs' another Lego in his collection,
but it was a reward for the first few days of school going so well.

Last Friday Mama and I.I. had a date night
 as the other men in our family were at a Men's Night at church. 
They had bacon,
but so did we!
Please note the syrup with the waffles,
that's a new development over the summer 
as sensory issues have been fading away in some instances. 

Sunday afternoon Mama scored a nap (rare event) 
and when she woke it was to discover I.I. had been having a fine time 
while Daddy mowed the lawn!

Oh dear, but Isaac was sooooo pleased to be soaking wet!
"Isaac do water," said our little guy showing off with the water hose. 
The afternoon was HOT,
and for once dry enough to mow our overgrown lawn!

It's been a very stormy summer for us.
Every time we've tried to go to a pool 
thunderstorms have rained on our parade. 
But that's okay with Isaac, he can find fun, anywhere!
Even on a wet school day!

Lots of independence gained this summer for our little guy.
Not just water hoses,
but dressing,
and even purchases.
Or at least Isaac knows how to go to the counter and say,
"Glazed, please!"
Hand over his money,
get change,
and a glazed donut!

We're so grateful the new school year is off to a good start. 
Of course, Isaac's making new friends,
and falling in love with a new teacher.
The LORD always works these things out!

And the new principal is a pal!
Or at least this week after I walked Isaac into school,
I saw our new principal comforting a distraught child,
and that small act of compassion 
told me more about our new principal's character 
than his doctorate decree!

One week and two days done for Second Grade,
the rest of the year to go!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wet Weather, Great Ideas, Independence, and Second Grade

School started yesterday, and this morning Isaac was slightly surprised to find he had to go back to the classroom.
"School?" he said, as if to imply 'I-did-that-yesterday-Mother.'
Oh dear, what a dose of reality,...although we did have a GREAT SUMMER!

Legos, Legos, Legos,....Isaac is a fan!

Good thing Isaac loves Legos, our summer has been very wet this year! And when not wet, hot and VERY humid, thus not a lot of our summer activities have been outside for the past couple weeks. 

That's okay with Isaac,...there is always the mall,...

And legos friends to make and meet,...

And directions to learn.
We discovered this summer the mall makes a great place to practice: left and right.
One very wet afternoon, Isaac toured down the corridors with "L" for left,
and "Right Angle" for right.

Of course Isaac detoured into the arcade. 

Like father, like son,...they played a very long time on a single quarter!

This summer we worked on dressing independence. 
"Oh dear," said Isaac while we were in line at the grocery store.
It's the effort that counts!

The Library Reading Program,...was a 'good-effort'
and let's leave it at that. 

The finale kid's concert went as the past five years worth of finale kid's concerts went. 
Or wait,...Isaac did a great job sitting still BEFORE the concert.
The bag of popcorn, helped. 

Then sensory stuff took over. 

And sensory stuff is really real to our little guy. 

We keep a hopeful heart,...and will try again, summer. 

As for ideas,...Isaac has some GREAT ideas!
One evening we ran out of propane for the gas grill,
thus our hot dogs had to be cooked inside.
With the grill out of commission, Isaac ran for some paper and a pen,
and constructed this sign so there would be no mistake about the grill.
The other side of the sign reads: Open.
I.I. has a very hopeful heart. 

Here is where Isaac got the paper and pen.
This is suppose to be Mama's office,...but Isaac's stuff has taken over.

This one little corner is all for Mama,
but that's okay.
We're very blessed to have such an open space to keep I.I. therapy stuff.
It makes it very easy to pull out a project, or puzzle, or game.

Even though these last few weeks of summer has been so wet,
we've tried to get out and do stuff.

Waffles, anyone?

Please know, I.I. takes his waffles, very seriously!

Or rather it was time to eat,...and not take pix. 

Mama took the hint,...

Usually though Isaac doesn't mind getting his picture taken,
and he certainly likes looking through all his pictures.

Especially pictures of his favorite people, like Daddy. 

Daddy's such a pal to share his phone,...when waiting gets the best of little guys. 

For us, has been fair game when at events to help our little guy
through unavoidable delays.
Take the autism out of it, and it's tough for any seven year to have an extended wait. 

Umbrella needed for school shoe shopping. 

Velcro shoes are our go-to shoes for I.I., and now he is bigger they are harder to find,
usually we'll order then off the internet, 
but this year we were lucky to find EXACTLY what I.I. needed in our price point. 
And our little guy totally got into the experience of buying new shoes.
That was interesting.
We NEVER know how our little guy is going to react to new situations. 
Fun stuff like that ultra cool kid's concert,...his reaction,...not so much.
Shopping for school shoes?
Something to analyze for later. 

No need to analyze this sweet smile.

I.I. was totally ready for his first day of school.

Winking is a new skill,...I.I. learned over the summer,
he's still working on it. 

But he was very glad to be back at school,
on a very rainy Thursday,
how appropriate!

Old friends, new friends,
and new independence. 

After school,...a lull in the rain,
and it's time to celebrate the beginning of Second Grade. 

Of course, Isaac has a GREAT idea!

But it was a lonnnnnng day for a little guy,
he passed out asleep on the way home. 

And yes,...Daddy's a hero. 

More rain is predicted for this weekend,
but who cares?

Our little hero is back at school today,
making friends,
learning more independence,
and no doubt coming up with more GREAT IDEAS.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let's Do This: Summer 2017

Back to school is here for Isaac,...

Here's a quick glimpse of our little guy's summer fun!
These sheets are part of Isaac 101 for Isaac's new teacher.
For a child with communication challenges it's difficult to tell about what he did during his summer vacation,...but a picture speaks 1000 words,...and it will be a good ice breaker.

So far as we know the lawyers are still duking it out in Federal Court about the school district's split, but no one made any deadlines, which means the district stays status quo for 2017-2018,...
thus Isaac doesn't have to change schools this year!
However there are changes,...a new principal,...and a new teacher,
which is a great lesson in 'real life' for our little guy,...nothing stays the same!

But back to this summer vacay!

Isaac learned many things:


Do it yourself balances, which has survived the summer, and been a favorite activity!

Legos, Legos, Legos,...
but Isaac has also gained a great skills while shopping,
stay with Mama,
DON'T TOUCH, unless it's Legos,
and how to order Diet Coke,
"Diet Coke, please!"

Hiking skills,
"Keep together," says I.I.

Tennis skills
"I got it!" says I.I.

Playground skills?
Okay Isaac already has this mastered,
complete with laughter!

Asking skills,
this one is for Mama,
as her little guy is actually aged out of this ultra-cool museum water area,
but Autism doesn't quite compute that fact,
so Mama asked if there were exceptions made for special needs children.
"Yes, yes there are," although sometimes there is not, and I've been told, "No."
but more times than not our little guy gets a "Yes," -- so it never hurts to ask!

Who wouldn't ask for that smile?

Music skills?
Actively working on this,...

Library Summer Reading Program,
we tried,
and what Isaac could do he had fun,
and that's all that really matters. 

Special Needs football camp?
This was more of a challenge than we imagined, 
but Isaac had fun,
and again that's all that really matters. 

Learning about the 4th of July,
thumbs up from Isaac.

Watching fireworks,...

The 4th was really too hot and muggy to do anything else!

Eating ice cream?
Nothing is off the table for our little guy,
he's not a huge fan,
but ice cream doesn't receive a decided, 
"No thanks," any more.

Vacation Bible School
Three very long days of fun!

Learning how to vacuum out a car.
Isaac LOVED doing this,
what a great skill to learn over the summer!

Our little guy is always ready to help out. 

Making new friends,...
Nanny's puppies were a huge hit with Isaac,
and the love was mutual!

Back to school,...already here,
Hard to believe,...
we've had such a great,...laid back summer vacation.
No rush,
no rush,
just a lot of sleeping in,
lazy lunches,
and more, much more than just the above adventures,
every day has been a blast!

Double rainbows
that about sums up our vacation.
Double the blessings. 

This has been a real "I'll try" summer for Isaac,
he's tried a lot of new activities,
and new foods,
ice cream,
blue berries,
and really exhibited new levels of maturity
"I be patient," says Isaac,
when his desires can't be immediately obtained. 

Our little guy is going to be a second grader,
and we know he's going to have a GREAT year,
his catch phrase for the summer has been,

Second Grade, I.I. comes!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!