At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Social Stories To The Rescue,...

Last week was Isaac's first classes at an Early Intervention Preschool center. To say he wasn't exactly happy with his new school routine is putting it mildly,...way too many tears!

Thus,...hopefully,...Social Stories to the rescue....

Social Stories,...are simple narratives for children explaining to them what to expect in new situations or to reinforce their daily routine. If you'd like to learn more, Google: 'social stories' for lots of great websites that offer 'how-to-write-a-personalized-social-story for your child.

These type stories are helpful for ALL children,...I used to use a version of 'social stories' with my older guys when they were little,...explaining that we were going shopping and what to expect and how they were expected to behave in a store or what to expect at the doctor's office,...ect.

Isaac being a preschooler I made a simple book with pictures that I took last Friday.

I used card stock weight paper, digital photos, our Mac and ink jet printer, lamination paper (from my office supply stash, is tons cheaper to purchase in bulk, by the way), glue stick, hole punches and clip rings.

After printing out the pages, I glued them together and then laminated them with an ordinary clothes iron set on low.

Hardest part was keeping all the pages aligned properly....I just kept lining them up to check that they were correct,...not that a two year old would notice or care,...but 'whatever you do, at it with all your heart as if working for the LORD not man' - Colossians 3:23.

Of course the real question,..."Will this 'social story' book really rescue Isaac from daily preschool tears?"

I am frankly not sure.

Isaac is NOT a bookish type child,...he doesn't like sitting still long enough to listen to a story or to look at a book,...and he wasn't too crazy about this one either,...until he started noticing the pictures,....I saw the comprehension on his little face, "Hey that's me!"

All we can do is try,...and the plan is to 'read' this story to Isaac as much as we can,...especially on school days,...and I'll be sure to report,...'success' or 'now all we have is a nifty photo album of Isaac's first week of preschool!'

It's difficult not knowing exactly 'what will work' with your child,...but Mr. Isaac is worth the effort and I'd gladly stand at the ironing board laminating pages from sunrise to sunset if I will help him with his challenges,...and if this book IS a success,...I just might find myself with an iron permanently attached to my hand!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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