At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Can You Hear Me?

Pardon the blur in the picture,...Isaac was very busy climbing up and down on the lobby furniture as we waited for his hearing test at the Children's Hospital.

What a little trooper for taking a test in a sound proof booth - he did great and was cooperative as a two and half year old could possibly be.

Test Results?

Passed,...well within acceptable range of normal hearing for speech development.

Hmmm,...normal hearing strengthens the Apraxia diagnosis for our little guy.  We're getting a lot of floater words,...once said,...and than float away without repeats: good job, hamburger, all right, name some of the most impressive.

Even more signs have crept in - and these are staying - thank you, good job, all done.

PECS, for us are coming along slow,...Isaac gets the concept in therapy,...but here at home, he really likes playing with the velcro backed pictures,...more than using them for communication and that can make complications.  So, we're going slow and stepping up on sign language,...which means my husband and I are trying to learn as many signs as we can, so we can reasonably sign - everything we speak to Isaac.

Communication can be complicated, but we're prepared to throw everything into the ring: speech, signs, PECS,....I don't care if Isaac has to hum or sing to me to get his message across,...we'll take it,...he can draw a picture, mimic, and hopefully be able to write whatever message he has that is being blocked by the misconnected connection - known as Apraxia.

What I love now, how Isaac looks deep in my eyes and laughs to share what he finds funny. I laugh too, even if the joke isn't obvious,...that's not important, but our communication is,...and I love his hard hugs that sing, 'I LOVE YOU Mommy!' - and all his hard working efforts to communicate.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!