At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Oh-oh,....but not the picture,...nor the mess,...and yes,...Isaac did take every single paper towel off that roll,...but he was soooo cute,...I didn't scold,...I ran for my camera!

"Oh-oh" The Back Story:

Is there anything sweeter than a chubby baby lisping, "Oh-oh"?

As long as I can remember it's been a favorite "baby" phrase and my older boys were so adorable when they would go around knocking blocks and books and everything they could think of - down and saying, "Oh-oh!"

Hugs and kisses galore for them and when Isaac arrived, I eagerly awaited his first, "Oh-oh!"

And waited,....
                       and waited,..........
                                                   and waited,..............................................

To help him,...I uttered, "Oh-oh" at least a billion times,...despite his deadpan expression.

The total lack of  "Oh-oh" - from Isaac was actually among the first tolls within my heart and soul and disbelieving mind that something wasn't quite TYPICAL with our precious baby boy.

Over the summer Isaac did learn how to raise his arms and shake his hands as a means of exclamation.

We'll take any kind of communication, those little raised hands were as good as an "Oh-oh" to me.

This past Monday was my oldest son's 24th birthday - and boy did we have fun celebrating with a banner and balloons and presents that Isaac helped Teddy open. Only when you're an adult, you have to work on your birthday and so Monday morning after everyone left for work Isaac and I were alone at home.

Isaac was playing in the living room and I was in the kitchen when I heard a crash.

No alarm, I knew it was just a small stand, very sturdy and I wasn't surprised to hear it crash again, Isaac is a boy and little boys like to crash things, but I was surprised when Isaac came running into the kitchen babbling like wild. He was chattering so fast I couldn't make out what he was saying but it was important, he was tugging my skirt and telling me again and again,...I bent down and he grabbed my face in his chubby hands,...looked me in the eye and I finally comprehend he was saying "O-o!"

I nearly fainted!

We both ran into the living room. Isaac pointed to the fallen stand, "O-o!"

That poor stand was tumped and dumped for the remainder of the day - it survived but if it had been reduced to kindling I couldn't have cared less, each time it tumped, Isaac said, "O-o!"

We over stacked blocks, "O-o!"
Knocked over books, "O-o!"
And ever spilled a couple glasses of water, "O-o!"

Definitely a red letter week for us.

Adding to his vocabulary Isaac can also say: hot dog, bath and drink.

Not always at command,...Apraxia isn't that kind to us,...not yet, but Isaac is excited and proud of his achievements and that's our ultimate goal, allow Isaac to feel comfortable with his level of communication - no matter - where that level may be.

Onward with my guys!

 Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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