At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Belated Snow Day,...

Snow days are rare in the South.

These pictures were taken two weeks ago when the elements were in the proper alignment to allow a mini-blizzard in our subdivision.

Naturally Isaac was enchanted with the snow,...he wanted to stay outside longer, but unfortunately he had a bad case of croup and didn't need to be outside at all,...but Big Brother scooped him up for a quick peek.

Crazy southern weather has been in the 70's for the past few days, and we have severe weather this morning with several neighboring counties having to dodge tornados. Torrential rains have been our lot from the storms,...definitely not as charming or as welcome as the snow flurries....

Glad we have the pictures and memories to enjoy,...also it was fun for Isaac to learn how to sign: SNOW.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

All Is Fair In Love And Nutrition,...

Nutrition and Preschoolers

There is more to life than just donuts.

Although donuts are a break through for Isaac,...he's resisted sweet and sticky foods consistently since his arrival three years ago.

If Isaac thinks too long about the sticky glaze and powdered sugar, those textures do get to worrying him and he wants washed off and quick,...but at least, he does taste and eat them,...and that's a step forward for a little guy that doesn't have a sweet tooth.

Don't get me wrong, we don't encourage a sweet tooth!!!

Actually we actively limit Isaac's sugar intake, he has enough energy without throwing fuel on the fire, but we bend the rule occasionally, as in the case of these donuts which were a special treat for Isaac's big brothers who were in the midst of taking final exams at the university.

With preschoolers, especially a preschooler with special needs: all is fair in love and nutrition. 

Thankfully Isaac has no eating challenges: aside from learning to use his utensils, sit at the table (he's a grazer), and be open to a more varied diet, veggies.

Like any other preschooler Isaac will practically eat any vegetable that has been coated and fried such as these fried okra - he's chowing down on. But that's not exactly practical or nutritious for daily consumption. 

So we get a little sneaky,'s fair. 

Bananas are a no-no on Isaac's radar,...too sticky icky. He gives me an 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME' look when I offer him bananas - straight up - which I do on a regular basis. I just smile, turn away and smash the banana into his oatmeal, which he gulps down without a qualm.

Score 1 for Mommy.


Spagetti squash has worked like a charm, Isaac LOVES noodles. 

Score 2 for Mommy.

Also, Isaac likes apple slices and I did have success by slicing a yellow squash in rounds and placing it with his apple slices - he ate most of them along with the apples, until he ran out of apples and caught onto my game - the rest of the squash were left on his plate.

Score 1 for Isaac.

Any type bean, kidney, garbanzo, black bean, red bean, purple hull,...Isaac will consume and consume in great quantities,...which is a huge nutritional score, protein, fiber, iron, ect. 

I've had success with carrot or zucchini muffins and pumpkin cookies, but it's hard to make a good tasting baked good without sugar,...sorry but it is,...and we do limit Isaac's sugar intake,...but when I do make a baked good, I make sure it is spiked with either, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, ect...

Protein is not a problem with Isaac, aside from legumes, he willingly eats, turkey burgers, ham, chicken, eggs, and especially fish,...he LOVES fish,...and nuts as we have no allergies.

Bread is also not a problem for Isaac. 

Note: we did try gluten free for a while, but we didn't see any results, for us, I know it does help some, but Mr. Isaac doesn't seem to have any problems with gluten, although we did find several non-glueten recipes which are soooo much better than wheat we're glad to stick with our new finds. 

But back to bread. Isaac likes toast and waffles, oatmeal, cereal, noodles, and a bowl of rice is never safe in his presence,....he'll gobble every single grain,...then help everyone else with their portion of rice as well, beware the Rice Gobbler.

Fruit, aside from bananas, Isaac will readily consume just about any fruit, although he has expensive tastes and has a liking for organic strawberries, raspberries and grapes. 

It's just those veggies,...we're still struggling with,...he likes corn, peas, and fried anything. 

Still Mommy has one last trick up her sleeve.

Mud Milk.

Or rather a Mud Milkshake. 

Sounds yummy and with its river mud like consistency and appearance it looks every yummier,...but looks can be deceiving,..because I spike the chocolate milkshake with fresh spinach and frozen bananas. 

Score 3 for Mommy.

Milkshakes and Smoothies are a new break through for Isaac, yet, he's still never even eaten any ice cream,...too sticky-too cold,...but he likes what I blender-up in our blender at home. 

This, of course, is just your basic 'green' milkshake,'s kinda new to us,...Isaac hasn't been on the milkshake bandwagon that long, and I am usually leery of fads, but green milkshakes aren't a fad, it's a great way to sneak some nutrition down your little one. 

Unfortunately I am just not a measure type cook,...I guess and go, these directions are just approximations. 

For two servings Mud Milk: 1 frozen banana, 8 oz soy milk (or whatever type milk you consume), dash nutmeg (I grate whole nutmegs), dash ground cinnamon, 1 heaping tsp dark chocolate cocoa, handful spinach, (I guess 1 cup or 1 1/2 cups), handful of ice, sweetener (whatever you use.)

Step One: add sweetener, spices, chocolate, soy milk and spinach in blender and blend until spinach dissolves into tiny pieces.

Step Two: add frozen banana and ice into blender and blend until thick.

Note: there is no right or wrong here,...if it's too thin add more ice cubes or perhaps another chunk of frozen banana,...if it's too thick,...thin with milk,...if it's not sweet enough,..add more sweetener,...make it your own,...just for myself I like a dash of instant coffee, with it,...

Step Three: enjoy,...Isaac loves this stuff,...he can't get enough and is constantly signing: MORE.

I did not offer a picture of Mud Milk, because it truly,...truly,...truly looks like greenish river mud,...taste great though, can't taste the spinach at all!!!

Isaac is a very boyish-boy so drinking mud is no problem for him, but if a little one had a problem with the looks you could try offering the milkshake in an enclosed container with a straw,...out of sight,...out of mind.

Like I said these green milkshakes are new to us and I am excited about them as the possibilities seem endless....

Of course, I know every combination I try won't be potable, ie: taste good, but Mud Milk has been a great success!

In the future, I am looking forward to trying different veggies as we attempt to hit all of our nutritional markers with our little one,...after all: all is fair in love and nutrition. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sick with the croup is not an ideal way to spend your third birthday. So sick, Isaac slept most of his birthday, but he woke up in plenty of time to redecorate his birthday cake.


This is Mommy's version,...everything just so.


This is Isaac's version,....PERFECTION achieved.

Lots of parallels to be found with Isaac's Apraxia diagnosis, husband and I, as older parents were realistically prepared for our third child to have special needs, but when Isaac was born without any obvious challenges, aside from his severe jaundice, we thought we had dodged that issue,...with I admit, a huge sigh of relief,...only to face developmental delays for our beautiful boy,...down the road.

Redirected dreams,...redecorated cake,...but the LORD doesn't make mistakes,...and honestly my "just-so" version of Isaac's birthday cake is kinda bland and boring,...compared to the perfect creativity Isaac achieved with his happily placed decorations.

Believe me, Isaac's giggles and smiles and complete satisfaction when his redecorating task was finished were utterly heart melting.

And you know what?

The cake tasted just as good, was sound and sweet,...and completely unique.

Like our Isaac.

Unknowns for our future,...YES,...but Isaac will be Isaac,...just as the LORD created him to be,...and he is and will continue to be a blessing,...creative,...and utterly unique with his personality already at three years old achieving: PERFECTION.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We Are Three,....

 Isaac's now: three years old,....
He's a blessing,...
filled with laughter and curiosity and adventure,...
Life is not dull with our little guy,...
He is truly a gift from God!!!

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aging Out,...

Here is the ancient crone enjoying his first solo-sucker,...a huge sensory achievement, because before Isaac wouldn't tolerate 'sweet or sticky' - but how he enjoyed the sucker.

In our state when a child in Early Intervention reaches the ancient age of three years old they are basically kicked out of the program,...but nicely,...they do do a transition process.

From a parent's point of view,...I'd like to see Early Intervention go to five years old. It is so mind-boggling in the first place and you barely get used to the system then you find yourself in transition trying to figure out where your little one will go for help and they do still need help that's why you are in Early Intervention in the first place.

Our Early Intervention passes the child to the Public School System, lots and lots and lots of forms and verifications.

Isaac was tested by the special needs branch of our local public school system in December and last week I went to a meeting to learn the results of their tests,...with trepidation because my first visit the director spent more time telling me how my child might not qualify than telling me what help they would provide,...all the while in the back of my head I am thinking, "My child needs help,...where do I go,...where do I go,...where do I go?"

As it turns out Isaac placed into the special needs program,...a bitter-sweet moment,...because I am so groveling grateful for whatever help Isaac can get,...yet it is extremely difficult to have to sign papers certifying that your child does - indeed - have special needs.

Until a parent has had that pen in their hand and signed on the dotted line, just don't understand, can't, just can't.

But onward toward the future,...Isaac will start speech therapy in the public school system next week,...he'll get thirty minutes once a week - one-on-one - which is a HUGE gift.

Everyone agreed that Isaac is better off at the Bell Center,...the marvelous, fantastic, wondrous, Bell Center for the remainder of this school year and this summer.

In August Isaac will start pre-school,...two days a week,...but they are full days,...meaning lunch and a nap period.

In the meeting I laughed out loud at the thought of Isaac lying on a mat for nap for over two seconds,...and the coordinator laughed too,...she said most parents DO get a good laugh out of that prospect,...BUT most children do adjust and stay on their mats, we'll see.

Only a few more days left until our little guy turns three,'s bitter sweet this year because, last year my father unexpectedly died just hours after Isaac's second birthday.

Still, we want Isaac to enjoy his special day,...even though he's been home this week sick with croup and my husband has a ruptured disc,...can't make this stuff up,, life, life,...Yet, a birthday banner is going up this afternoon and I already have most of the ingredients for Isaac's favorite carrot cake.

Trust and hope,...bywords for 2013

Until I post again, God bless and keep you!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Super Hero,...

Take heart citizens there is a new Super-Hero for 2013

The new year school schedule will be starting for us next week,...Isaac's had a lonnnnng vacation with me sick,...but I better now,...Praise the LORD!!!....Walking Pneumonia is not a joke!!!

Trying to nudge ourselves back into a routine,...after all our little super hero is going to have to sit in his chair for circle time during pre-preschool...

It is a blessing that Isaac has so much energy,...he's healthy and strong and excited about anything that means he gets to run and climb and jump,...

2013,...might,...just might be about helping our little one learn to slow down a little bit,...he goes at super sonic speed and that goes for his babbling which is his newest emerging skill,...

BOY,...does Isaac have a lot to say,....and we're delighted to listen,...only he speaks his own Super Hero dialect and we've left scratching our heads to catch the gist,...

But, he's talking and I've been assured his verbal skills will eventually merge into a form of ENGLISH that English speaking speakers can understand,...

Until then,...he's our Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-ISACC-MAN,....

So begins our year,....

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!