At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aging Out,...

Here is the ancient crone enjoying his first solo-sucker,...a huge sensory achievement, because before Isaac wouldn't tolerate 'sweet or sticky' - but how he enjoyed the sucker.

In our state when a child in Early Intervention reaches the ancient age of three years old they are basically kicked out of the program,...but nicely,...they do do a transition process.

From a parent's point of view,...I'd like to see Early Intervention go to five years old. It is so mind-boggling in the first place and you barely get used to the system then you find yourself in transition trying to figure out where your little one will go for help and they do still need help that's why you are in Early Intervention in the first place.

Our Early Intervention passes the child to the Public School System, lots and lots and lots of forms and verifications.

Isaac was tested by the special needs branch of our local public school system in December and last week I went to a meeting to learn the results of their tests,...with trepidation because my first visit the director spent more time telling me how my child might not qualify than telling me what help they would provide,...all the while in the back of my head I am thinking, "My child needs help,...where do I go,...where do I go,...where do I go?"

As it turns out Isaac placed into the special needs program,...a bitter-sweet moment,...because I am so groveling grateful for whatever help Isaac can get,...yet it is extremely difficult to have to sign papers certifying that your child does - indeed - have special needs.

Until a parent has had that pen in their hand and signed on the dotted line, just don't understand, can't, just can't.

But onward toward the future,...Isaac will start speech therapy in the public school system next week,...he'll get thirty minutes once a week - one-on-one - which is a HUGE gift.

Everyone agreed that Isaac is better off at the Bell Center,...the marvelous, fantastic, wondrous, Bell Center for the remainder of this school year and this summer.

In August Isaac will start pre-school,...two days a week,...but they are full days,...meaning lunch and a nap period.

In the meeting I laughed out loud at the thought of Isaac lying on a mat for nap for over two seconds,...and the coordinator laughed too,...she said most parents DO get a good laugh out of that prospect,...BUT most children do adjust and stay on their mats, we'll see.

Only a few more days left until our little guy turns three,'s bitter sweet this year because, last year my father unexpectedly died just hours after Isaac's second birthday.

Still, we want Isaac to enjoy his special day,...even though he's been home this week sick with croup and my husband has a ruptured disc,...can't make this stuff up,, life, life,...Yet, a birthday banner is going up this afternoon and I already have most of the ingredients for Isaac's favorite carrot cake.

Trust and hope,...bywords for 2013

Until I post again, God bless and keep you!

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