At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, March 29, 2013

Tale of Two Golf Games

 Before                                               Today

Several years ago, my oldest son, Teddy (the one with the beard) - had to take a physical education class at the university as part of his degree plan,...he chose: Frisbee.

Got an A+ --- as he jolly well should, but even better he was introduced to the sport: Disc Golf,...which he in turn introduced to us,..."Hello Fun!"

This was all before Isaac was even in being and once I finally recovered from my difficult recovery - this older mother did not bounce back from child birth like I did in my twenties,...but anyway once I was well enough and Isaac old enough to run about,...we had a wild idea, would be fun to take Isaac disc golfing.

What were we thinking?

No fun for anyone, except perhaps Isaac who kept us in a panic by running and running and running and running and running - not toward us either!

Not once did Isaac ever noticed the blue sky or green grass or the leaves or dirt or birds or even the frisbees most of the time,...unless we were at a basket,...and he would NOT let me taking his picture.

Notice my guy's brave faces,...this was the first basket, one was smiling by the ninth basket. 

We tried to write off the failed outing as Isaac just not being old enough,...but it was more than that,...all he wanted to do was run and nothing but run,...and of course at this time,...he couldn't speak or sign,...nor did he try to independently engage us....


Two years later with a year of Early Intervention under our belts.

What a difference!

Not only did Isaac,...NOT run off,...he obeyed perfectly when told to come back or stay close. He did notice the blue sky, the green grass, leaves, pebbles,...lots and lots of dirt,...and fell in love with a rather large rock,...which he carried for quite a while,...pointing to it,...and articulating, "Rrrrrrrk"

Church bells rang and Isaac turned in their direction and then looked up at me and smiled. While with Teddy hunting a wayward frisbee,...Teddy reported Isaac heard birds and was signing: bird.

Polite golfers we are,...we let several groups play through as we were a slower group,....and LOOK,...Isaac is sitting with big brothers on the bench,...munching snacks,...HE asked for with sign language!!!!

Simply put,...we had FUN today,...thank you,...Early Intervention.

Our intervention started at Isaac's two year old check up and his doctor startled me by insisting I have Isaac evaluated for his speech - IMMEDIATELY.

This was not a surprise,...we were concerned by Isaac's lack of speech but the doctor's urgency was a shock,...and I was in tears when I called the speech pathologist our doctor recommended,...who just happens to be THE best pathologist in our area,...especially concerning Apraxia. 

Next step was when I found the Bell Center, an - Early Intervention - pre-preschool and contacted our state Early Intervention program,...and WOW what a whirlwind year and plus time it has been for us,...lots of worries, lots of unknowns and lot and lots of tears - mine,...but progress has been made,...more than perhaps I've realized since I am with Isaac on such a 24/7 basis,...but just comparing Isaac from our first game and Isaac of today,....WOW,...what leaps and bounds our intrepid little disc golfer has made.

Note: Such progress is helpful to record,...we are now in the process of having Isaac evaluated for his special needs other than apraxia, he does have other developmental delays,...which are great concerns,....thus we needed this special day.

Just look at Isaac,...happily holding big brother's hands while posing for a picture!!!

Our big guy got wore out with his golfing adventure,....

My sweet boy is having sweet dreams.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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