At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Early Intervention Graduation 2013

Here is our graduate student dressed in his ceremonial white gown,...

So precious to see the students being celebrated for their achievements,...watching these children triumph over their challenges puts a new perspective upon life's difficulties.

However the entire event was slightly sensory overload for most of the children. It was a hot and humid afternoon, the church was very loud and very crowded. Isaac was not the only child WIRED!!!

Notice the antiqued pictures? They are tinkered with because each is slightly out of focus and the iPhoto filters help mask the imperfections. Needless to say Isaac wasn't interested in having his picture taken for prosperity.

Before the ceremony I let Isaac run of some steam, he's fast and I stayed in full chase trying to steer him away from the heaviest crowds. The Methodist church we were in was enormous. Isaac and I took a few turns and ended up in the older part of the building. We heard music and discovered a beautiful chapel with amazing acoustics where a choral group was practicing.

The affect of the music on Isaac was astonishing - he stopped in his tracks and listened transfixed to the classical sounds soaring to the ceilings - just glorious sounds!!!! We listened for quite awhile and I actually got a few seconds of video showing Isaac's fascination. My most precious memory of the entire day!

The ceremony was overwhelming for most of the little ones, Isaac included, a sucker - bribe, and a muted movie on my iPhone - ensured his tolerance. Most of the other mother's were looking enviously at us and I didn't blame them - three year olds are strong and when in full wiggle mode can be a handful. That's were my 21 years of experience pays off, know your venue, know your child and be prepared.

Graduation was Sunday afternoon, is Thursday and this morning is D-day,...Diagnoses Day, my husband and I have an appointment this morning at the Children's Hospital to discuss with the doctor, Isaac's developmental delays.

Already I know I am going to cry - no matter what the doctor says - I will never pretend not to be overwhelmed or devastated by this experience. No parent wants their child to have challenges. 

However in the end, Isaac is Isaac, we love him - as is. We just want to know how to best help him for his future - he has preschool, school, middle school, high school, college, a career and a life ahead of him. 

Even with his challenges - Isaac can achieve whatever he wants to achieve. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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