At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Next Things,...

Next things for us this spring have included joining a new church: Church of the Highlands.

link: Church of the Highlands

 Sunday night when we came out of the evening service there was a triple rainbow, my picture you can only see two,...but another faint bow-within-a bow which you can faintly discern in the second picture,...and of course, was easier to see in person. Viewing the rainbows in person was simply stunning!!!

Many reasons factored into why we chose to worship at a new church,...not the least among them was Isaac's special needs. Church of the Highlands has a vibrant and caring special needs community: Highland Havens, which strives not only to minister to the special needs individual, but also to the family and caretakers. So important, for special needs families to feel wanted and welcome,...

Only one more 'speech therapy' for Isaac with is public school therapist before the summer break. Tonight we attend the summer meeting for Isaac's summer classes at the Bell Center. Nothing else is really planned for Isaac's summer,...he'll have private speech therapy every other week, and go to his summer classes twice a week,...with lots of time for just fun....

Later this month we'll learn Isaac's diagnoses for his developmental delays and be able to plan therapies to help address his needs. Potty Training is coming up,...but that is among the last things I am worried about at this juncture.

Before Potty Training we need more communication.

Some progress is being made:

Isaac is letting us read books to him, some.
He vocabulary - speech and sign language is growing.


Isaac still can't say: ISAAC.

Thus, I've been working on his summer clothes,...the shirt in the picture is a prototype as I was testing out Sharpie fabric markers,...I like the effect. I am also embroidering, tinkering with appliqué and dabbling in silk screen technique,...which is tricker than it looks,...but if my efforts yield monograms which I hope look more ARTSY than CRAFTSY,...then I'll try to find the time to post a tutorial.

When I was talking with the other mothers at school about my silk screen attempts,...the mother of the 'typical' children who attend,...didn't get why I was making such an effort to embellish my child's clothes,...until I explained the glaringly obvious:"Because Isaac can't say his name."

The uncomfortable, "Oh" was written all over her face, but I wasn't mad or upset,...because unless you have a nonverbal child, don't even think about the 'what ifs' - even something as simple as being able to answer, "What's your name?"

It's comforting to have ISAAC smacked onto my little one's shirt, helps in so many ways,...its often an ice breaker,...and easy for others to remember,...because his name is there, see: ISAAC and know my little one's name,...before you're aware,...perhaps he has special needs,...and then he's unforgettable.

Here is both my babies,...22 years and 3 years,...the oldest, my 24 year old was at work when I took this or he'd be in the picture. He has a master's degree and a beard, but he's still my baby too.

In big brother's arms,...Isaac looks pretty tiny,...he's still got a lot of growing to do,...lots of maturity and lots developmental, development.

Next things,...taking one day at a time,...

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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