At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dance Party,....

Fitting in fitness,...because I refuse to give up on fitness....Before I became pregnant with Isaac, I had lost 102 pounds, eating sensibly and exercising an hour a day....and I was training for my first 5k since high school track,...and not just to run a 5k,...but to win it!

Oh yes,'s a little hard to believe now, but I was in such disgustingly good shape at 44 years old,...I could do real push-ups and even a couple of pull-ups and I could book for a solid two and half miles. 

In this picture I am nearly 12 weeks pregnant with Mr. Isaac,...and being in such good shape made this my easiest pregnancy and delivery,...but the recovery,...oh dear, oh dear, was long and difficult,...and combined with Isaac's severe jaundice when he was a new born, and then later his undiagnosed autism and apraxia,...makes everything seem like a blur.

That first year, was on the backseat,...I just wanted to achieve a full night's sleep,...and then the next year, January my father,...unexpectedly died just hours after Isaac's second birthday,...that next month at Isaac's February well baby check,...our pediatrician frightened us with her insistence to have Isaac's speech evaluated - NOW,...and then the urgency and drama of early intervention entered our lives.

Quite a whopper of a year. 

Into year three,...Isaac's sleep issues are moderating,...some. Occasionally Isaac will take us on a blast from the past, a few weeks ago when he woke at 3:30 am,...happily giggling and ready to play and not interested in lullabies, siree Bob!....But I have to say we are all getting more consistent sleep,...and fitness is playing a part in that because we've been taking Isaac for evening runs.

The weather has been beautiful,..warm and balmy with gnats kept at bay with nice breezes. We all troop outside,...and chase Isaac up and down our street that has a deceptively steep grade on a hill, just looks like a gradual slope until you are puffing and panting up and down it. 

Isaac doesn't puff or pant,...he runs without even getting out of breath,...and there is so much joy in every single step he takes, looks like dancing. He's happy,....happy,...happy,...and that's a small price to pay for heaving lungs on our part,...because three years of iffy sleep and more iffy eating habits,...have gotten my husband and moi,...quite out of shape. 

Notice, I am not posting before and after pictures,...although I am proud to say I haven't gained all my previous weight back,...but I haven't lost my pregnancy weight,...either. 

And I've been OK with that,...what mother love will do,...but if I've been chubbier than I'd like for the past three years,'s been for a good cause: Isaac. 

Easing back into fitness hasn't been easy, old formula isn't going to work with my present lifestyle. Hello,...some days I barely have time to eat, much less have time to weigh out every single ounce, nor do I have the luxury of hitting the gym for a couple hours,...three or four times a week. 

We are blessed to have a very nice home gym in our basement,'s huge with laminate wood floors, spacious space, an elliptical, free weights, lots of other fitness toys like weighted ball, kettle weights, ab roller,...which as silly as it looks, know the one little wheel with two bars hanging out,....but that thing works when used properly,'s an ouch-city workout for your abs and arms. 

And of course, I've tried to use our home gym in the past three years,...but nothing ever worked,...Isaac would ALWAYS wake from his nap,...he didn't like me on the elliptical,...and it was too dangerous to use in his presence,...especially with him tugging at my leg,...he didn't like me on the exercise mat, was instinctual for him to interfere with leg raises and ab exercises. And FORGET yoga,...that wasn't going to happen,...believe me I tried.

Last week, oldest son had a couple days off work and I had to opportunity to go downstairs to our gym and dust off the elliptical. It felt great to do a serious workout,...sweat-city! 

But what to do when it's just Isaac and me? He's much better about the elliptical,...i.e.: he doesn't climb on it anymore,...but I wasn't sure if he was going to let me work out for a solid hour without,...hold me-hug me-kiss me-itis taking over,...but after last week I was determined to give it a shot,...because those nightly runs with Mr. Isaac are so underlining how out of shape,...I truly am. 

WOW,... what fun we had and how nice that working out with my little guy felt like anything but work. It was a dance party,...I had my GYM4,...playlist rocking and Isaac and I danced for a solid 45 minutes, and then fifteen minutes of mat exercises...and no Isaac never breathed hard or broke a sweat for a second!!!....I did. I was wiping sweat and panting when I wasn't laughing like crazy with my little guy. 

I was happy to be in motion, I was happy Isaac was so cooperative about our time together and I was utterly ecstatic,...Isaac was showing such good imitation skills....I put a ball on my head, he did. I did a leg lift,...he did. I lifted a weight, he lifted push-up grips - like they were weights. I chased him, he chased me. Taking a leaf from Kindermusic we played, fast, fast, slow, slow,...big and small, and rolled the ball,...which wasn't a perfect success, Isaac didn't want to sit and roll back and forth while I sneakily worked on stretches,...but he was more than happy to chase the ball down and bring it back to me,...while signing: more, ball, and again Mommy!!!!

The workout really worked too,...because as I am typing this,...I am sooooo sore,...but it's a nice soreness,...a healing soreness,...a soreness that says, "Yes girl,'re going to have a shot at that 5k,...once again." 

Maybe not to win a 5k,...a lot of priorities in my life have changed,...for the better, participate is enough,...and to know Isaac and I will be able to share a fitness lifestyle together is a greater reward than any plastic medal or tin-type tee shirt. 

Lots of unknowns in our life just now with Apraxia and Autism,...but being gifted the opportunity to share such an important aspect our lifestyle with our little one, have dance parties and nightly races, hear his giggles,..see the joy in his step and that bright smile on his face,...that's priceless. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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