At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, July 29, 2013


Over the weekend we took a short vacation with our guys, and with my camera I recorded most of it for prosperity, but there are no photographs of our time spent at a local water park. 

No, I wasn't worried about getting the camera wet, I was too worried about letting Isaac out of my arm's reach for a second because he loves the water and is utterly fearless!

Quite early we noticed this trait in Isaac when he showed no alarm for being in the dark. My other children when they were so small would NEVER enter or stay in a dark room,...but Isaac has no problem with an unlit venue. 

A baying dog? Isaac never flicked an eyelash, so calm and cool, even the dog in question was confused by this child, and high tailed it in the other direction before anyone could intervene. 

And then there is Isaac's running which used to alarm us to no end, because he takes off like a shot, with disregard to any set boundaries. This, however has modified somewhat, Isaac will obey an order to "STOP" - and he will hold our hands in parking lots and while shopping, but we are always highly vigilant in public. 

Perhaps that is why my husband was able to help a family this weekend. 

Saturday evening we were at an very pleasant outdoor shopping mall waiting for our restaurant table assignment when a little girl, a toddler zipped by in front of us. 

With pigtails wagging, she was cute, and I saw her, but I also had my eye on Isaac sitting by my side, however my husband quickly touched my arm and said:

"That little one's alone?"

"Are you sure?" I asked, but my husband didn't answer, he had already went into full chase with my oldest son behind him, because from their vantage point they could see the little girl was headed toward a very busy parking lot. 

Within the milling crowd, no one else noticed or reacted, I might add. 

Seconds later a man, with fear in his face, came sprinting full force through the crowd, who noticed him because he was plowing through at a breakneck pace. He was quite obviously the little girl's daddy. 

Happy ending here, another by-stander, along with my husband and oldest son caught the little girl just before she dashed in front of the traffic and she was safely returned to her grateful father. 

Later, my husband and I couldn't help draw conclusions about how Isaac's runs for the sheer love of running without seemingly to notice where he is running to or towards. He's better, but at the water park, he would have dashed into the deepest end without a blink. 

Needless to say swimming lessons are on our agenda. 

The life vest, Isaac wore was peace-of-mind as well, although a life vest can only offer so much safety and he was never out of arm's reach. We're fortunate that Isaac took a liking to his blue little floaty and was only too happy to wear it. The sunblock lotion also worked very well, no sunburned baby for this trip and that's always a good thing.

From what I understand this fearlessness is not uncommon among children with autism. Perhaps that little girl had autism, we'll never know of course, but our awareness with Isaac makes us sensitive to such situations. It's another piece of the autism puzzle. 

No answers here for this fearlessness, it's not all bad. I am glad Isaac's not afraid of the dark, nor intimidated by a barking dog. I am also glad he has so much pleasure from the water. We'll stay vigilant, and continue to condition and teach safety concerns with water, traffic, boundaries, and such, it's all I know to do. 

In the meantime, my little guy usually stays within arm's reach or closer and I am good with that,...he is our precious treasure to protect and teach and cherish. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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