At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, July 8, 2013

Plugged In,...

My older sons: Teddy and Michael were mostly raised in the previous century thus they never owned a game-boy or any other type hand-held computer device.
Since college in the 21st century is so technical and wired to the internet, they've both quickly made up for lost ground with their cell phones, laptops and tablets. 
Computer savvy they both are.
So is Isaac.
Three years old and Isaac knows the configuration of my iPad better than I do. 
However the iPad is strictly supervised, let's get real, they are not cheap, nor are they meant to take an energetic preschooler's loving.

Luckily Isaac's third birthday gifted him a Leap-pad tablet, and what a life-saver that device has been in sensory overload situations for the past six months.
In a restaurant it is the difference between eating a calm meal or frantically chasing our preschooler.

Needless to say we highly value that Leap-pad, it is for a touchpad sturdily built. Isaac's given it a lot of love, and it is still running despite being heaved, shoved, tossed, dropped, slung, 
and flipped threw the air with the greatest of ease.
We have a battery pack for it and it is easy to plug in for a quick charge. Isaac plays games, watches videos and sometimes just pushes the buttons because he can touch any button he wants without anyone screeching:
"Noooooo don't push that!"
Best of all we control the content, so there is no worries on that score.

Honestly I've been surprised how much Isaac has learned from his Leap-pad, the entire alphabet and the phonics for each letter. Although that success is a tad bittersweet, because while I absolutely adore hearing Isaac chanting the alphabet and even picking out individual letters and telling me, "A, ah, S, sssss"  - he still can't say his own name 
and I don't know what is to blame: apraxia or autism, probably both.  

Yet, with time, Isaac being able to say his name will come, 
and it will probably be a blog posting lit up with flashing lights:


Until that red letter day: we are going to continue being grateful for what progress Isaac has made, especially how he is interactive with his Leap-pad or any other electronic device - he wants to share the experience with what communication he is master of, and we are alway ready and willing to communicate.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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