At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, August 5, 2013

Batter Up,...First Baseball Game,...

First baseball game for Isaac a few weeks ago when we were on vacation in Huntsville, Alabama.

The evening didn't start too auspiciously with Isaac sound asleep when we got to the stadium. But then, we had already spent most of the afternoon at a uber-cool playground. This city park had three wonderful playgrounds and also a disc golf course for big brother Teddy, who was able to join us for our get-away. 

The Huntsville Stars are a Double-A team and had a conveniently located stadium. It was actually a rather large stadium, so there were more fans at the ballgame than it looked like. 

For the occasion, since we were rooting for the Huntsville Stars, Isaac wore his galaxy ISAAC shirt,...when it got dark the glow-in-the-dark painted stars and the ISAAC looked too cool for words!!!

Knowing our little guy, we chose to sit in the very last section near 1st base and it was perfect as we had the entire section to ourselves,...because, of course, Isaac woke up.

There was no keeping Isaac off the stadium seats, so his little sandals came off,...immediately!!!

If Isaac wasn't so sure footed,...and bare-footed,...I'd have been biting my nails all evening!

We had hoped Isaac would have noticed the ballgame,...but he didn't,....despite our attempts to help him learn the sign for baseball, he never once pointed to the field or offered an observation toward the ball field, but that's OK.

Most important, Isaac still got to experience a baseball game in a stadium for his frame of reference, because there is a lot going on in that busy little mind of his that he can't yet express, but one day perhaps he'll remember his first ballgame and be able to share his memories. 

For the majority of the evening Isaac enjoyed the stadium. He went up and down,...back and forth,...having his own his brand of fun.

However, we were thrilled that Isaac did notice the music over the P.A.,...and he especially noticed when the crowded applauded. No matter for what team,...Isaac enthusiastically clapped too, and made sure we did as well!

But let's get real, what is honestly important is that Isaac learned to true reason to attend baseball games,...FAST-FOOD FEAST!!!

Hot dogs, pop corn and funnel cake,...yum, yum, yum,....and Isaac signed: more, more, more!!!

The stadium food really won Isaac over.

In fact when Isaac and I went on an 'adventure walk' through the stadium's concourse so Daddy and big brother could actually watch an inning or two, Isaac dramatically steered me to the popcorn vendor,...signing: popcorn and saying, "YES! YES! YES!"

This summer was Isaac's first baseball game,...but not his last!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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