At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Saturday, August 17, 2013

First The Storm,...Then The Rainbow,...

Storms in our area this past week,...rainbows too....

Tuesday evening, my oldest son and I stopped to take these pictures  when we had just arrived at Walmart.  Those ominous looking clouds were rolling fast, and I only had enough time to snap a picture or two, before we grabbed Isaac out of his car seat and ran into the store,...missing the torrential rains by a cat's whisker. 

What a difference after the storm!!! Double rainbows and my dusty car washed brillo-clean!!!

Needed this reminder that storms, out of rain,...and rainbows follow.

Do you know that you can only see a rainbow after a rainstorm?  

Glad I know, because by the next morning my super-sonic little guy wasn't feeling very well.

Wednesday Isaac was quiet and limp? Oh dear,...something was wrong,...and it is heartbreaking that he can't tell us when he is sick,...or where is he is hurting. 

No obvious symptoms either, except a high fever by bedtime and a limp and whimpering baby through the night, but we went swimming Monday evening at an Autism event, and I laid my bets that my little guy had an ear infection, even though he wasn't tugging at his ears.

Thursday morning, a very subdued Isaac and I visited his new pediatrician, who was wonderfully accommodating with our little guy's treatment - making sure he had the most effective, 
yet easiest medicine to take to treat his double ear infection. 

 Thursday night wasn't easy nor was Friday morning,...but by Friday afternoon a giggle or two escaped, the sofa was jumped on, and familiar pitter-patter sounded up and down our hallway.

By the time Daddy came home Friday evening, Isaac wasn't exactly bouncing off the walls, as usual, but he was bright and perky and full of laughter,...just as if he was our little double rainbow.

We've been blessed that Isaac has been so healthy,...aside from his four days in the NICU when he as born,...he's had a sniffle or two, croup, two stomach viruses,...and that's it,...until this week.

The other illnesses were pretty obvious, especially the stomach viruses, but Wednesday Isaac's descent was a real mystery. I had nothing to go on other than Isaac wasn't acting like Isaac.

Believe me, I was on the telephone the second the doctor's office opened Thursday morning!!!! And I have to say they were great about working him in extra quick!!!

A couple sick and stormy days for us, but how nice to have our Isaac back,...hyperactivity and all!!!

Wow,...those giggles,...they are pretty precious!

And his opinionated opinions decreed in fluent Echolalian,...lovely to hear!

And that bright smile? It rivals rainbows.

Pretty tough week for us,...especially our little guy,...but rainbows do follow,...and I thank the LORD for that!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. One of the photos has a double rainbow.

  2. Yes it doesn't,...aren't they beautiful! :)


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