At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cookie Face's Successes,...

 Preschool has been going wonderfully well, but that's not the reason Isaac is munching on cookies at Walmart. He is munching the cookies because Daddy's such a pushover while Mama is shopping for the healthier stuff,..

Signing and saying, "Cookie, cookie, cookie," -- has been a sure-fire success for Isaac, when he is with Daddy and big brothers, and Mama, sometimes, it is really cute, but mostly I'll offer an apple or some grapes, it avoids getting Isaac into a cookie coma!!!

Of course these pictures were taken after school and Isaac was a wee bit tired after a busy day of coloring, and cutting, and pasting, and painting,...along with speech therapy and some occupational therapy, and the most important, playtime on the playground!!!

Preschool has been a wonderful resource and we're so thankful Isaac has transitioned so easily and has had so many successes:

1. Nap time: Isaac sleeps - actually sleeps at school - hurray!

2. Breakfast and lunch: - reportedly Isaac eats more breakfast than lunch, but that's about par, but he has been trying new foods and new textures - so another hurray!

3. Social: good eye contact, and such nice good-byes to his teachers.

4. Verbal: thru the roof!!!! The other day, Isaac walked by my office door, and said, "Hi Mama," as if he's been speaking as such for day one!!! Apraxia hasn't let him say it again,...but it was beautiful to hear,...and is an emerging skill....He, also, is appropriately responding to requests by saying, "OK!"

5. Potty: there has been success!!! Only six times and only at school, but who cares, success is success, and a this new skill will eventually be mastered!!!!!

6. Bedtime: getting our late night owl into bed at a more reasonable hour has been easier,...anything before 10:00 o'clock is utterly wonderful, and anything before 12:00 pm is a vast improvement!!

7. Routine: finally getting into one,...which again is an improvement, as before the only thing predictable about our daily routine is that there was nothing predictable about it.

Yep, our little Cookie-face guy is coming along nicely,...

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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