At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, October 4, 2013

Listening to Isaac,...

At all times, Isaac has a lot to say, but Apraxia and Autism, puts a unique twist on his communication. 

To undertand, you have to listen:

Such as trying on the duckie costume. My little duckie liked this costume, he liked it a lot, but he didn't like it upon himself. 

Cookie Coma giggles,...a wish for more cookies,....

Silence can be loud,...especially when a little one is expressing,...I know this place, it's usually not fun, doctors poke and prod and constantly want me to sign: "more" -- as if, they can't remember the sign themselves, not reassuring, not at all....Zone out time. 

Or just look at me, I am speaking in the only way I know how and sometimes it doesn't matter if you know what I am trying to say, long as you listen to me. 

Our little guy has had croup this week, he's better and will be back in preschool next week. We've had some time for giggles and a lot of hold me, hug me, hold me. 

Isaac can say, "Hug." and "Hold"  --- but he's still working on, "Isaac." -- he can say it, it's there, but those double A's don't make it easy for him. It's rare to get an "Izzick" from him. 

Already I am working on Isaac's fall and winter wardrobe,...more stencils, more ISAAC's on his clothing. It's very important, to me, if no one else,...although we do get many comments how helpful it is to have ISAAC on Isaac,...especially when he is in new settings. 

Rethinking communication has been a challenge. A few weeks back, I talked with a two year old little girl, we had a conversation about her dolly she was trying to find, was just out of her reach, and I assisted in its recovery per her request. She was precious and so articulate, but the encounter was bittersweet. Isaac can't communicate, like that, if he could, he would, because even so limited our little guy is a chatterbox. 

At all times, Isaac does the best he can:  

He says his colors: blue, yellow, green,  that order.
He says the alphabet: forward, backward, and often with the phonics for each letter. 
He counts: he says: "count", and counts,...up to fourteen and then a grand finish, "twenty!"
He says: "tree." points and allows his eyes and expression to communicate the grandeur.
He says: "Mama" and kisses me.
He signs: "Thank you, God." and says, "A." - that's his amen at bedtime.
He says: "sorry" - when he knows he's been naughty. 
He says: "hug" - and hugs. 
He says: "YES" to every play place he sees. 
He says: "you." - because he is growing and learning and knows the world is not just about him. 

Hugs and kisses and smiles and giggles fill in all the gaps that Apraxia and Autism leave. 

To catch the rest, have to listen,...put in context,...guess a little,...and most important, Isaac you are there,...what he is trying to communicate is important,...and so is he. 

There are no books, no seminars or conferences that can fully explain what we are dealing with in this communicational maze we are navigating. But we're not lost, Isaac knows exactly where he is going and exactly what he is saying,...and if we listen carefully enough, do we. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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