At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, October 18, 2013

New Car Reveal,...

A few weeks ago when my husband called me
 and said we've been 'gifted' 
 I was naturally thrilled!!!

How nice, a new car,...yeah!!!

"What model?"

Then my husband mentioned it was battery operated,
I had an horrible inkling and gasped:
 "You don't mean a car for Isaac?"

He did.
 And I admit, it was all I could do from exclaiming:

as if the child is not fast enough on two legs,
 let's add four wheels to the mix!

"Oh, he'll be fine," 
says my husband to all my concerns,
 with the nonchalant assurance men seem to have regarding all things motorized. 

So after a week or two, and some gracious assistance with transport,
 the little green vehicle arrived at our home in a huge box.

First opportunity my husband, gleefully put it together, 
while this slightly worried Mama was only mollified that
 the battery operated car is a Fisher Price product, so it is very well made,
 and that it can and will only be operated with excessive-supervision.

For the Grand Reveal we grabbed cameras got into position.

Here comes an unsuspecting Isaac flying down the walkway.

With man-like nonchalance he greets, Teddy

Then he takes off like a flash!!!!

Toward the car???


 With utter disinterest Isaac went right by his new car,...

Hello Isaac?
You can't miss seeing that car!!!
There is is in all its green glory
and we're screaming:
"Isaac's it's yours!!!"

Our little man couldn't have cared less!

And YES, it was too funny for words,...
we laughed and laughed 
while Isaac happily raced for the open yard

(Honestly the only predictable thing about Isaac is that there is nothing predictable about him!)

But after running a lap or two around the backyard,...
Isaac came back to the driveway
 and decided to humor us and
  do something with that
 pretty cool-looking car
that we were so excitedly yakking about.

Only he just wasn't quite sure how to get in, doors,....

Daddy to the rescue,....

Foot on pedal?

Hand on steering wheel,...

Oh,...foot on pedal,...hand on wheel,...

Finally figures it out,....
and shocks Daddy by figuring out how to put the thing in reverse.
while Daddy exclaims:
"I didn't know it could go in reverse!"

Isaac shrugs, he's got it under control.

And there our little man goes all of 2.5 miles per hour,...
which this Mama loves,
 it's sooo slow Isaac can crawl faster than
this car goes at top speed!!!

End result?
Kinda of a fizzle.
It seems Isaac agrees with Mama,
 he's really not quite ready to be a car owner.

For fun, he'd rather run races in the backyard.
And that's fine, the car will keep.

Ungifted, would we have purchased this car for Isaac?
That would be a no, least for now.
However we do have this pretty cool car in our garage,
And taking a long view
I do see this car becoming quite popular
perhaps next summer.
An uber-cool motivation
for speech therapy?
it will just be for fun.

At any rate, we'll always treasure the story of Isaac's priceless reaction to his first car!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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