At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, October 11, 2013

One Spear of Hay,...Forward

Pumpkin Patch time for Isaac's preschool and Isaac tackled the day - one spear of hay at a time.

We've been to this pumpkin patch before and Daddy made sure to get off work to be with us,...

Isaac wore orange 'cameo' shoes for the 'expected' dirt and mud,...the little orange shirt, purposely loud, for greater visibility among a multitude of other school children,....

One little guy and a field of pumpkins,...

Which way to go first,...

Which to choose,...

Isaac liked this pumpkin,...for a time,...then he realized it wasn't a ball to throw.

So, the pictures are cute, but was the outing successful?



And yes! 

As always with Isaac you have to examine perspective.

For starters, here is the low-down on what we had hoped for on our 2013 visit to the pumpkin farm:

We had hoped Isaac would be interested in picking out a pumpkin,...because it's fall and pumpkin season. 

We had hoped he would have been engaged with this teachers and classmates. 

We had hope he'd have at least an inkling what all the activity was about.

He didn't. 

But don't get me wrong, Isaac enjoyed the outing 100%.

In his unique way Isaac always manages to have a blast, and he makes sure you have fun too!

Just a different way.

Having grown in this journey I wasn't in despair over unrealized hopes, although last year, I would have been. 

Wisdom is coming, slowly perhaps, but its growing,..for myself and my husband:

In the pumpkin field, my husband nudged me, "Look!"

Isaac was being distracted by butterflies,...he chased them,...precious,...because he's never noticed them before,...not even in a butterfly house at the zoo. 

In the hay pile,...Isaac stopped his play and selected a spear of hay for my husband,...and then one for me. 

Offerings of love. 

And shared interest,...Isaac didn't have the words to say, "Hey I am having fun in this huge pile of hay," - but he made a point of sharing his joy with us. 

HUGE,...developmental step forward from last year,...and while I didn't cry,...I was close.

Actually I didn't have time to cry,...Isaac like that hay pile, but he also like the open fields,..especially the unexplored fields,...constant vigilance from his teachers and us,...kept our little explorer in check,...and he was mostly happy and content to climb,...

After hay,...horses,...or ponies,...and Isaac has a brand new love,...horseback riding!!!

The tractor trains were fun too,...especially with Daddy at his side,...

To avoid sensory overload,...lunch was in the car.

Following his own tastes, Isaac has no use for juice-boxes or juice,...he likes his juice straight up from the grapes themselves!

As it was, Isaac needed the extra sugar as fuel for the next activity,...

In this blog, I have mentioned before, that Isaac is fearless,...haven't I?

That twenty-plus foot slide did not intimidate him,...nor did the pushing and shoving older elementary school children,...who I must say were actually very kind and caring to Isaac,...especially one boy about nine or ten years old, who made a point of always getting behind Isaac on that high climb upward to help if our little guy got stuck,...because his little arms couldn't quite reach the ropes....In turn, Isaac repaid the kindness the only way he could,...with GREAT big smiles!!!!

My favorite memory of the day,...Isaac unleashed in a bounce house,...squealing with delight!!!


However there was an epilogue to our pumpkin patch field trip.

That night at Walmart, Isaac was reunited with a pony!

Slicked over,...icky and sticky,... after a day of field trips and fun,...Isaac still managed to sweetheart some rides on the carousal horses at Walmart from his Daddy,...while I shopped,...and even from a few obliging strangers, who cheerfully offering up a quarter or two,...

And that's Isaac and his charm, with that sunshine smile, he's utterly eloquent without saying a word!!!

As for next year's trip to the pumpkin patch,...we still have hopes,...and we still have faith,...and we still have a growing sense of wisdom, helps with the perspective needed,....

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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