At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flying Fingers,...

Isaac is our little non-verbal chatterbox


The non-verbal classification for Isaac applies to his expressive challenges -
 example: should Isaac see a dog:
he can't yet say: "Look Mommy, there is a dog." - 
instead he'd point, sign and say "dog."

Verbal challenges notwithstanding 
Isaac has an extraordinary gift
communicating about his world
with all the resources 
within his little communication arsenal,
which includes sign language and means
quite often he has flying fingers,...

Expressing to Daddy how much fun he was having in the play place with all his little friends,...

And then we have to stop and count,...Isaac signs and says "One!"

                                              "Two"                                                                              "Three"

 Those fingers were flying faster than my camera's shuttle,...I caught up at "Six" 

And "Seven."

My camera missed the rest of the flying numbers,...but they went up to twenty,...
and then started Isaac's newest number fad:
counting from 10-to-100 by 10's

So much fun and so much good socialization,...

Only a bite of chicken nuggets could silenced our little chatterbox,...

And a 'dink',...

Love, love, love all this verbal progress Isaac is making,...
and I love that his sign language skills are keeping pace, because those visual cues 
are incredibly helpful with his Apraxia and Autism. 

Isaac is not going to be slowed down by sluggish motor processing,...
if he can't get it out verbally,...then he always has his flying fingers at his disposal. 

Signing has also been a social bonus,...who knew????
To date we have not had any negative responses to Isaac's verbal challenges, 
and thank you, thank you, thank you,
everyone who is so kind and understanding and patient with our little guy,...

Most people are utterly fascinated by Isaac's signing,...
they want to learn, and communicate with him,
and we are always happy to share what signs we know,
Even children are so accepting, 
that Isaac's signs,
at the play place the children playing with Isaac were thrilled to learn
how to sign: "FRIEND."

Obviously Isaac has yet a long journey to traverse to 
gain a complete degree of communication,
but we are so encouraged by his growing vocabulary
both verbal and sign,
his use of two or more words utterances - a big deal!
Use of pronouns - another big deal!
Questions, "What do?" - "What that?"
and my personal favorite: 
said and signed
"Love - you."

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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