At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, November 15, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

 In all things, Isaac seem to take a unique twist,....

Like how we sit in our little green chair!

Obviously for safety reasons, we discourage this precarious perch, 
and Isaac will humor my concerns, to a point,...

His idea of modifications,.....

I have mentioned before in this blog, Isaac is fearless?
Teaching safety is an ongoing endeavor, 
and we are making some progress.
Such as when Isaac will look up from his seat on the 
barely balanced chair,
and sign: 

That's when you look to see if the glass is half full or half empty.
Ours is full,...some progress is better than none. 

Such as:

Isaac with a contraband apple,
 he snuck out of the fridge late, very late one night,
when we were suppose to be going asleep.

Full or Empty?

Perspective is everything and at least Isaac picked a healthy snack. 


This week, I've had to use perspective while solving a mystery in our home:

Isaac's had a stuffy nose,
and I've been treating the symptoms with saline solution and vapor rub.
Needless to say, Isaac is not a fan of either.
Wednesday both items disappeared from my nightstand. 
We're talking GONE, 

I searched, but couldn't find them anywhere.
Now Isaac didn't look guilty, but he did look smug.
Only this Mama is not foiled that easily.
I had spares.

Yesterday (Thursday)
the spares disappear from the nightstand. 
We're talking disappeared into thin air. 

First time was cute,
you had to admire his problem solving skills. 

Second time, was not to be condoned. 
Head colds have to be treated,...sorry son. 

It took going into bloodhound mode, to find the items.
Let's get real, Isaac's only three
there are only so many places, he could have hidden them.
Finally I found the stash, he had stashed under the bed,
soooo cleverly I missed it first time around. 

The 'caught' look on Isaac's face when 
I walked into the living room with the items was PRICELESS.
(why oh, why didn't I have my camera???)

With the despised items in tow, Isaac and I had a little talk,
and he offered a sincere, "Sar." (sorry)

But I am not sure how much he understood,
and it's hard to understand, that he doesn't understand,
he's indisputably bright,
but that's what so bewildering about Autism. 
It is what it is,

and we will continue to help Isaac learn and grow,
and hopefully understand that rules are good:
they keep us and others:
safe and happy.


Never a dull moment with our Isaac
but most of time,
our glass is not half full,
it is over-flowing with blessings.

Such as a miracle with our insurance, 
which means Isaac won't be losing services,
needless to say
we're paying more, even a lot more in premiums,
but we were able to get into a plan that has a deductible
that only goes up a hundred dollars instead of thousands of dollars.
Thanks you LORD, thank you!

And Isaac is growing and learning,
 and getting into mischief,
but most three year olds do,
 and that's OK,
we're in for the long haul of teaching,
and correcting,
and directing,
and loving....

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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