At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Apple, Cookie, Cheese,...

My sleepy little Santa was up late last night,
giggling and counting,
and having his brand of conversations,
which usually include a running list of every sign he knows,
which means quite late last night,
Isaac and I were discussing,
Apple, Cookie, Cheese,...etc

From what I've read and gleaned from other parents
 sleep issues are fairly common, 
if not completely common with children on the autism spectrum.

At a recent event we attended,
over half of the mothers in the room had been up past midnight,
and as I usually have dark circles under my eyes, as well,
I could relate. 

Taking a long-view,...patience and lots of coffee are needed to work through sleep issues,...
as with everything else with autism, I am learning,'s not cut and dry.
Nor do traditional, 'night-time' rituals work, 
at least not for us,...not yet.
Our little guy is uniquely unique
 and that
 includes his sleep patterns. 

But he's such a happy little guy,...
And useful too,...he's likes to wash dishes!
Ok, he plays,...but sensory, sensory, sensory,...voluntarily too!

And he's dexterous,...and creative,...

And musical!
Isaac has a set of handbells,...oh yes,...nice and loud,
but the secret to handbells and preschoolers, 
is to actually purchase 'real' handbells,
but perfectly tuned. 
They sound glorious,...loud,...but glorious, 
and just recently Isaac has had a 'renewed' interest in them.
We get them out and ring, ring, ring,....

Isaac sings too.
Thanksgiving weekend,
for the first time ever, he sang
Row, Row, Row Your Boat,
with signs,...
but the tune was right,
and he could sing, "Row, Row, Row,
and, "Meriwy, Meriwy, Meriwy,"

Oh yes, the cuteness factor was high,...and I wished I had had my camera,
but it was too precious a moment to miss.

 Nana's piano?

Isaac says, "Hmmmmmm," before diving right in!!!

Oh yes, was a joyful noise!!!!

Perspective, perspective, perspective,....
in the long view
it makes you wants to make you say,
sleep is really over-rated,
but perhaps I am only typing that because I am sleepy. 

sleepy or not, 
these sleep/sensory issues are real,
and to be perfectly honest,
I don't have any answers,
just a cup of coffee,
and a love for a little guy that's willing to help him
through his challenges.

And I do know, 
Love covers a lot,
 such as:
reciting your little one's vocabulary at midnight,
mopping the kitchen floor,
after Isaac finishes his chores.
Ringing bells,
and a sleepy Santa begging to be held before school. 

And, you know,
it's really not so bad,
OK, I don't get much sleep, 
but I do get great hugs and kisses.

And Isaac sings for me,
isn't that a miracle?
My baby singing,
not perfectly,
apraxia doesn't let him get every word,
or even every syllable, 
but who cares,
It still makes our life,...very meriwy, meriwy, meriwy,...

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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