At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, December 13, 2013

Festive: Flair and Fare

Last weekend, a rainy Friday night kept us from the Christmas Display Lights at the zoo,...and while we were disappointed, we were in a festive mood, and hurriedly made other plans.

As it was so wet and frigidly cold, we didn't have many options, and were only too thankful to visit the local mall for some indoor festive fun,...

Although I have to sadly admit that the Christmas carousal was the only festive note in the entire mall,...

SUCH a disappointment!!!

 Especially when we can remember that this regional mall used to be known for their 'flair' and literally 'drip' with festive garlands and colorful lights and enormous bows and whimsical ornaments, we're talking glitz overload,...but this year we were astonished, absolutely astonished that all they had displayed  was one 'teeny' Christmas tree barely decorated,... and some very 'tiny' bows on a couple posts,...oh and santa on a side aisle to take your picture for a fixed price,...oh joy!

Again,...SUCH a disappointment, but nevertheless as always Isaac had fun!!!

Isaac chose to ride in Santa's sled with Daddy.

It was über-cool to him,...although he didn't know carousels usually have festive music, this one didn't and again,...Mama wasn't happy with the mall directors, but Isaac didn't care,....he was riding in  Santa's Sled!!!

Oh, did our little Isaac ever like going round and round on that carousel!!!

So much fun, got a second ride and chose a reindeer,...

So if the mall directors were Grinches,....
then the cafeteria ladies at Isaac's preschool were absolute
Christmas Sweethearts 
full of festive Christmas cheer for the annual Holiday Dinner,
which guests were invited to partake in the festive fare,
such as us!!!

Isaac had no idea, Mommy and Daddy and Big Brother Teddy would eat with him.
Lots of "There you are!" 
And giggles!!!

Daddy had to make a very special effort to be able to attend!!!

But anything for his little buddy!!

Big brother Teddy was there too,...and Michael would have been, 
but he had to go to something called, "work."

Was Isaac ever happy to have lunch with his Teddy!!!

Mommy was there too,...
only she took pictures and fetched food and held Isaac in her lap 
when she wasn't snapping pictures. 

Turkey and dressing, or ham, sweet potato casserole, 
green beans, roll, and strawberry short cake,...yum!

Notice the festively decorated cafeteria!!! 
Talk about flair, it out did the mall 100%
and this picture barely shows what was on display,
but out of respect to the other students, parents and teachers,
I didn't take full pictures of the cafeteria, since it was crowded,
 but believe me, from top to toe, it was decked out,...
Thank You Cafeteria Ladies!!!

Did Isaac eat?
Not really,...he was too excited to have his posse in the lunch room,
and everything but the ham and rolls
were sensory overload for him
(Isaac doesn't do: soft, smooshy, moist, or runny)
So he ate bread, and ham, but he did attempt to taste everything I offered,
so good try Isaac!!!

Needless to say, we had a very festive week!!!!

Rejoice, rejoice, this year,...

Isaac can say: 
"Christmas Tree."

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, 
Isaac has done great decorating his felt Christmas tree,
his eyes also got absolutely enormous and round and he grinned from ear-to-ear 
when he spied
all the wrapped Christmas presents,
 I've store away in our Christmas Closet,
aka: my craft/therapy closet that's been temporarily clean out,
but better a mess, 
than prematurely opened presents!!!

Teaching the true meaning of Christmas in such a commercialize world
is difficult even with children that don't have challenges,
but we're trying to help Isaac
learn the true meaning of Christmas.
We tell him the Christmas story,
he likes hearing about Baby Jesus.
Isaac plays with his little people, nativity set,
and he will be helping to 'give' out gifts to others.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him
shall to perish but have eternal life."
John 3: 16

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. At Opportunity Village, when I ride the carousel (I'm 13, but this NEVER gets old), I always choose the ostrich. My second choice is the dragon.


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