At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Meet Binky and Bob

 No, two snowmen are made alike,....

Take Bob and Binky,...for instance,...
Bob is tall, and made of glass, metal, fabric scraps, marshmallows, cocoa and sweets,
while Binky is short and squishy.
Binky has chocolate arms, a cupcake base, and is entirely made of icing.

Both are snowmen. 
Neither are made of snow,
but both were made with love. 
They each have worth.
They each have a purpose. 
They are NOT the same, but they are both snowmen. 
Notice the smiles on Bob and Binky's faces.
They are happy being the snowmen - they are. 
Neither is weeping because they are not made of snow. 
They are happy and content - as is.
Lesson learned for 2013. 

Now Christmas 2013,...Isaac wasn't feeling well. 
The worst of the worst is when your nonverbal child cannot tell you what is wrong!
They cling and hug and hold and whimper,...while you frantically guess.
Tugging ears,...made us guess an ear infection,...
oh dear, to be sick during Christmas, fun for our sweet little guy. 

A subdued, Isaac did like his indoor tent,...
He liked his ABC tower,
and number tiles,
and books,
but Isaac didn't 'get' Christmas, nor opening presents.
Not this year, at least,....
but my husband and I agreed Isaac felt loved,
and that's what Christmas is really about the gift of love

While I type this post,...Isaac is feeling much better,...not completely recovered,
but he's zooming around the house with his new LeapPad.
He's jumped on the bed,
 and scaled our tall dining room chairs. 
He's eaten an enormous breakfast,
and happily explored the rest of his presents. 

Isaac makes us examine everything in its purest elements. 
Like Christmas. 
He experiences the world in a different way,
and makes sure you do too.
Christmas 2013 for us was unique.
Not traditional. 
But still Christmas. 
After all, two snowmen are the same.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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