At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, January 6, 2014

He said, She said, While Wind Chill Factors, Factor

This topic seemed germane in keeping with the frigid temperatures we are presently experiencing,...19 degrees here at high noon! That's cold for the Deep South,...and of course we had  a grocery run,...lest a snow flake fall,...and at this juncture there is no bread or milk in the stores,...nor a flake of snow on the ground,....

It's a huge joke, I know,... how southerns freak out during winter weather events,...but as our usual weather events are serious thunderstorms clobbering us with tornados or heat waves,'s nice for once to head to the store and pick up the makings of chili,...and retire home in the happy anticipation of spend some quality time with loved ones,...that's what really fuels those 'milk-bread' runs, 

Last week the weather wasn't as frigid, but cold enough to warrant a jacket with a hood.
As you see, Isaac isn't loving wearing a hood.

Check out the pout,...he was actually VERY excited to go outside to play, but
also VERY put out that mama should dress him so snugly. 

Isaac and I had a protracted discussion about wearing that hood.
It was a sunny day, but with the wind chill factor, I thought he should wear the hood.
Isaac thought otherwise,....and told me so in his own brand of Echolian,
complete with wagging finger.

Quite a spirited discussion it was,...that little finger wagged, 
and the only word I actually understood was the, "No, no, no's"

However Mama won the argument in the end,
 that little red hood was worn,
and Isaac was actually quite a sport about it.
For course, that wind was cold, and he seemed glad to keep it on, 
not that I got a concession speech,
but I did get a kiss,
 and a hug,
and lots of happy smiles while we played
in the bright sunshine.
Mama wore her hood too,
it was only fair. 

Back to school for Isaac this week,...brrr temperatures predicted,...and no doubt that little red jacket with that little red hood will be worn,...hopefully this time without a spirited discussion!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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