At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, January 3, 2014


 Hello,...2014,...we welcomed you with a traditional New Year's Day dinner,...collards (that's the green stuff), cornbread made with soy milk and lemon juice (turned out better than expected), Isaac's favorite Purple Hull Peas, which are fresh, Black Eye Peas (we had the dried Black Eye Peas too, as they are traditional, but Isaac really, really, really likes Purple Hull Peas), and fried Hog Jowl, which believe it or not is a delicacy here in the deep South,...say ick,...if you like,...but beats Apple Wood Bacon any day,...and is completely authentic to round out the once a year meal,...

Isaac liked the cornbread and peas,...the meat was too greasy for his sensory finger-tips,...and like any other three year old,...he wasn't eating the greens,...although he humored us and finger-tip tested them, so that's a start.

Of course, could be Isaac was just saving room for popcorn, we took him to see Frozen on New Year's Day,...and it was a semi-successful outing. Ok,...Isaac didn't make it through the movie,...but my husband and I think it was because the preview reel was sooooo long and the movie was long too,...but he had fun eating popcorn,...and experiencing the movie-theater experience,...and running up and down the corridors with his ever patient, Daddy during sensory-breaks. 

So a new year begun,...and Isaac, the intrepid little guy he is will no doubt experience each day to its fullest....We're really thrilled with a verbal explosion coming from Isaac,...he's learned to say 'fun' and it is so 'fun' to him expressing his enjoyment,...not that we didn't know by those huge smiles and giggles,...but it's a positive step forward...and we pray for 2014,...that Isaac will have more break throughs to make his development stay as close to course as possible with his double diagnoses. 

We already know looking into 2014 that there are no answers for many of our questions about Isaac's condition,...but we know he's loved and we know he's happy and having fun,...because now he can tell us,...and most important he can now say and sign:

"My name is Isaac."

And that's who is he,...our Isaac,...our laughter,...our joy!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

P.S.,...I forgot to mention how much Isaac liked the New Year's Eve fireworks,...hearing his unprompted "ooohs and ahhhs" was priceless!

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