At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, January 30, 2014

They said,..."Just Flurries."

So,..were we effected by the Southern-Snowstorm of 2014?

That would be a "YES!",...and of course with Isaac the details have an interesting twist.

To start,...our part of the state was not suppose to be effected, the most they said, "...just flurries." - and Golly-Gee,...but we believed them,...and Tuesday morning I quite trustingly took Isaac to preschool,...because everything had to be OK, was open.

Mind, was cloudy and cold, very cold at 18 degrees Tuesday morning and while Isaac had his warm little coat,...I made a mental note to bring mitten and a knit cap when I picked him up that afternoon, the temperature was suppose to drop all day.

Having a cold or flu, or whatever sniffling-coughing stuff I've got this week is never fun,...and with a preschooler it is less fun,...and a special needs preschooler,...means that you don't really get to be sick,...sorry but sleep and healing have to be put on the back burner, you see,.. just because YOU are feeling sick doesn't mean your super-sonic preschooler is,...

In other words,...Tuesday morning I felt pretty icky and as my two older sons were home, I literally nose-dived back into bed when I got home from taking Isaac to school and slept a good forty-five minutes or so.

The door bell woke me, sick,...and a bit sleep deprived,...I had forgotten I was suppose to 'host' a meeting at my house,...oh yeah, of those days,...but fortunately the only one to show up for the meeting was a dear friend,...a darling person who was more than happy to ignore my forgetfulness,...and so she plunked down on the foot of my bed,...and we caught up with 'girl-talk' for another forty-five minutes or so,...yak-yak-yak,...we were not even aware of the time,...and then the telephone rang,...and I saw the number of Isaac's preschool teacher and my heart leapt.

"Is I.I. OK?" I asked in panicked tones, (I.I. is Isaac's nickname by the way)

"Oh yes,...but school is closing," says Isaac's preschool teacher,...and I was loopy enough to ask, "Why?"

"Haven't you looked outside?" Isaac's teacher asked in an incredulous voice, and I don't blame her for the incredulous especially when my friend ran to the window and cried:


In the forty-five minutes since my friend had been in my house talking to me - the world went white,...we're talking solid white with blizzard conditions,...the roads were covered,...and usually it takes HOURS for the roads to accumulate snow,...

"I'll be right there," I shouted into the phone,...and scrambling into shoes and a coat,...I raced to my car,...and for the first time in MY LIFE drove in a snow storm,...up and down quite hilly roads,...but fortunately it was freezing cold and the snow was hard and brittle and there was no ice on the roads,...yet....

Sick or not,...I sprinted into the school,...and the teacher and aides all laughed,...saying, "THAT WAS QUICK!!!"

And it was,...for fortunately we live quite close...but I didn't stay to chit-chat I hustled Isaac into his jacket and hauled him and his backpack into my arms and raced back to my car, blizzard conditions,...buckled him into his carseat,...and drove cautiously back home,...VERY CAUTIOUS,...because in the short time I was in the school,...maybe five minutes,...the roads were beginning to turn to ice,...we fishtailed a bit,...and I was chanting, "Don't hit the brakes,...don't hit the brakes,...don't hit the brakes."

So glad to pull into my driveway,...and for the record my friend was able to get home safely too,...

Naturally Isaac was enchanted with the snow,...big brother Teddy took him for a stroll,...

Amazing how quickly the world turned white,...this degree of whiteness is maybe an hour and half into the storm

We were so fortunate not to lose electricity and to have plenty of chili, kale and bacon,..chili for my older guys,...the kale was for me and my cold,...kill a cold with Vitamin A and Vitamin C,...and the bacon was for Oatmeal-bacon cookies....a new favorite,...because I live in a male-centered household and men can NEVER get enough bacon,...

Of course, Isaac likes popcorn and much as he likes cookies and as we were having snow-days,....we had plenty of popcorn too.

We were fortunate that only two of our crew were stranded, husband out-of-town had to hole-up in a hotel,...and my middle son's girlfriend was caught in the traffic mayhem for three hours until she was able to get into a room in a hotel as well....

But many people,...too many were stranded over night in their cars,...or at work,...or many school children were stranded at school,...with no doubt frantic parents stuck in the snarled traffic,...however it was heartwarming to hear about so many kind neighbors taking in strangers,...or giving help to the ice-barred cars and their occupants,...

Or even one elderly man who was rescued,...Wednesday because someone took the time to make sure the elderly man was OK in his stranded car,...he wasn't,...he had been stranded over night and run out of gas,...and was nearly frozen,...but the individuals were able to flag down a police car and get the elderly man to the hospital,...heart-warming stuff,...because there are yet,...kind and caring people, a cold, cold world....

Needless to say Isaac had a fine time being snow-bound with both big brothers at his beck and call,...and Daddy on the telephone every so often,...for updates and Mommy sick-bound in bed,...she always needed giggles and bouncing and "Got-you" kisses from her Isaac-man, was for Isaac fun galore,...but then,...everyday is usually that as well,...the only difference was the water continuously running on our faucets (to keep them from freezing), the dazzling white snow outside,...and constant weather reports on the radio,...all saying what Isaac already knew,..."It's really cold outside."

Unexpectedly snowed in January 2014,...yep we were,...but the snow has already melted, husband is home, my cold is some better,...and no doubt there will be new adventures for Isaac to experience in 2014,...only next time the National Weather Folks predict, "Just Flurries" - I have a feeling we will all be better prepared,...even if they are not!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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