At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Learning to Celebrate,....

Another birthday in our home,...this one mine,...and Isaac helped us celebrate,...

Celebrations and holidays are things, I have found, that you take for granted with a 'typical' child,'s easy to translate the enthusiasm and significance,...but we are learning that autism gives such events its own twist,...and that it is best to 'go with the flow' - and enjoy the fact that a celebration is still a celebration - whether - Isaac 'gets' what all the fuss is about - or not,...and frankly for me, 'this' issue has been one of the harder aspects to come to terms with,...because we LOVE to celebrate,...but all our enthusiasm and explanations of the 'significance' don't easily translate for Isaac,...but he is making progress,...the little birthday crown,...for instance.

This past weekend, Isaac found this crown and immediately said, "Bir-day C'ke."

My husband and I both went, "WOW!" - and then showered the bewildered darling with kisses,...because Isaac had no idea he had just exhibited one of his first 'recalls' - and WOW - was it exciting to hear our little guy associate that birthday crown with a 'past experience' - because 'recall' is not a strong suit for our little guy who likes to live in the moment. 

Would it have been nice for Isaac to have been able to say, "LOOK...I found my birthday hat,...I wore it when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake."

Because we know that's what he meant when he waved that gaudy little crown and crowed, "Bir-day C'ke."

So we tried to build up "Mommy's Birthday" for Isaac, he'd realize other people had birthdays too,...but without feedback,...we're not sure how much penetration or saturation we achieved,...and that's the puzzle of autism, is so hard to gauge exactly what Isaac knows or understands because thanks to apraxia-plus-the-autism,...communication is a real challenge,...but Isaac had a fine time decorating my birthday cake,....I LOVED it!!!

And, hey,...if Isaac thinks his folks are crazy minions who like to occasionally have cake and candles,...just for fun,...he's all over that because he lives for 'FUN' -- and he fooled us,...

Deep inhale to blow out the candles,...but he didn't,....even at our urging,...because those candles were melting,...

We urged and encouraged,...but Isaac was waiting on me,...his way of showing that he knew the birthday cake wasn't his,...we blew them out TOGETHER,...and yes,...I was thrilled by his self-sacrifice,...because he loves to blow out candles,...but it was Mommy's birthday and this was his way of expressing: I LOVE YOU - Mommy,....

WOW,...but this child continually astonishes us, many obstacles,...but he soldiers on with so much joy and enthusiasm for living and life and for those he loves.....and for Isaac learning to celebrate is not a hard task,'s is his daily mode,...because everyday to him is: FUN!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. He is such a cutie! I love that he held off blowing out candles because he knew it was for you. My 15 yo still doesn't seem to get those distinctions! :-) Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks Julie,...I love your blog by the way,'s always a blessing to read! :)


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