At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not A Morning Person,...

For the record,...I am a morning person, or rather was a morning person before Isaac miraculous appearance in our lives four years ago,...because Isaac is NOT a morning person,...midnight romps are his delight,...not seven-thirty a.m. wake-up calls for preschool. 

This morning our little guy was just a little groggy! 

But not grumpy,...Isaac has no beef with anyone,
he just wants to chill for an hour or two,....
before rolling over and starting his day with a flying leap out of bed.

By necessity Isaac eats breakfast at preschool,...that means he can sleep until the last 
possible moment,...and I do mean last possible moment, because it's not unusual for us to dress him
for school while he's still passed out asleep.
This morning, Isaac had me laughing because while I dressed him, he was protesting by
sleepily saying, "My turn, turn, turn." 

Translation: In the middle of the night, I often have to remind Isaac that it is
Mama's turn to sleep,...which means I am not available for play. 

The good news is that when Isaac wakes up - he's AWAKE,...full throttle,...
check out the silly grin, I got at the end of our photo shoot,
and of course, Mama is going to whip out the camera
where her little guy is looking soooo cute sporting big brother's jacket.

Concerning Isaac's sleep issues we are taking the long-view in the hopes
they will improve as he matures, some of those issues have,
such as getting Isaac to bed before ten o'clock on school nights,
and severely curtailing his late-afternoon-early-evening naps, 
which were a huge bugaboo in our lives because when Isaac does fall asleep,
he's out like a light,...and practically nothing can wake him when he's in a deep sleep.
Unfortunately Isaac's deep sleep doesn't last all night,...and in his light sleep
he wakes too easily and too frequently,
which I understand is not uncommon among children with autism. 
Still even those frequent periods are not as frequent,
and everyone is getting more and better sleep!

Sleep issues, until you are faced with them, are not something you give much
thought to,...I mean, newborns are suppose to be difficult sleepers, not four year olds. 
But nothing about Isaac is uncomplicated,...from eating, to sleep, to potty training,
to learning to speak, and even learning how to play, is all a challenge 
for our precious little guy,
but at bedtime, Isaac can now say, "Night time"
Isaac says, "Love you."
He says: "My name: I-ick"

(OK, he's signs: my, name, but Isaac does say: I-ck)

Isaac folds his little hands while we pray - thanking God for our day
 and he always ends with a big: "AMEN!"

Could be that Isaac will NEVER be a morning person,
and that's OK,...
we love him,...just the say he is!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you@

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