At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rice Bandit,...

Can anyone so adorable looking truly have a penchant for pilfering rice?

I am sorry to say,...but it's true,...Isaac is a rice bandit, one's rice is safe when he is around,...which is why we decided on Chinese food-feast for his fourth birthday, our little guy could indulge in his favorite food. 

Isaac likes noodles too,...but the rice at this meal was the real attraction,...he gobbled his plate empty and asked for more,....and more,...and more,...bottomless pit,...he is when it comes to rice. 

Between bites off his own plate,...Isaac wasn't above helping everyone else with the rice on their plates as well,...because if they weren't going to eat it,...he was!!!

You can see him eyeing the rice on brother's plate!

Oh yes,..the birthday boy was in rice heaven,...especially since we don't have it that often at the house,...purely because if we have rice,...Isaac will eat NOTHING but rice,...and it is yummy,....but unfortunately not that nutritious,..and oh yes,...I've tried brown rice and black rice and wild rice,...but Isaac only gives me a wise, "You've got to be kidding me" - glance,...for he's not fooled,...white rice and only white rice will do,...although he's not picky about balsamic or jasmine rice or short grain or long grain,...just as long as it is white and rice and he's getting to eat it....

I have a therapy-sensory pan that is rice-centered I've been meaning to make for Isaac,...just a box filled with rice,...and the object of the this sensory activity is to 'hide' puzzle pieces in the rice for him to find, Isaac does need help with fine motor because Apraxia does affect some of his finer-motor skills,...crayons are hard to hold,...and so are utensils,...perhaps today is the day for such an activity,...I'll have it set-up for him when he gets out of school,...something to discover,...and I do,...try to make discovery points for Isaac around the house while he is in school,'s harder to do while he is at home,...because he's a little shadow, any surprise isn't much of a surprise,...but it's worth the effort to set out some new toys or arrange some favorite toys in a new manner,...just to see that sunshine smile of his,....kinda like why we chose Chinese food for his birthday feast,...just something fun,...for him to enjoy,..because even Rice Bandits need a little love and a LOT of rice. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. My favorite is the pan fried chow mein. I am also guilty of rice thievery. :D


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