At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Birthday Cake,....

Big Brother Michael's 23rd birthday this past weekend,...and Isaac is getting a hang of this birthday party business,...when the gift bags came out his eyes lit up,...but none of the presents - shirts and stuff like that - were very interesting.

But decorating another birthday cake? Now that's Isaac's forte and he did a great job directing me where to stick in the candles,...and he would have put the candles in himself, but his finger accidentally came in contact with that chocolate icing and that was jussssssst too icky for words, besides Isaac's going to make a great CEO,...he's all about delegation. 

And motivation,...because Isaac, again, knew the birthday cake wasn't for him,...he's looking at Michael,...waiting on us to finish singing "Happy Birthday" 

Then,...Isaac helped to blow out the birthday candles,...'cause what else are little brother's for?

Joy in the moment!!!!!

Very encouraging to see Isaac help celebrate Michael's birthday,...with the excitement over the gift bags,...and Isaac was really, really excited,...and his enthusiasm over decorating the birthday cake,...even though sensory overload was a tad involved,...and his love for his brother:

"Hapa birda Mi-chael!"
 -- three words, pretty plain, totally appropriate, birthday present ever!!!


Spring Break here, no preschool for Isaac this week,...but that's OK,...Isaac's been very busy helping us put in a vegetable garden,...which means lots and lots of trips to Lowes,...where the outside employees already recognize Isaac, know he signs,...and happily greet him with a:
"Hey Buddy back again?"

Also can you tell that Isaac,...really, really, really likes this water fountain?
hint: he's stock still!!!!

And no, is not coming home with us,...just like every birthday cake is not yours,
neither is every uber-cool water fountain,.
although the odds of us creating a custom-made water feature for Isaac 
in the back yard this summer are pretty high. 

Gardening with a preschooler is a verrrrrrrrry slow process,...especially when you are starting from scratch,...but that's OK,...the joy is in the process and surely we'll get the garden beds finished before too much longer.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. I'm making my own birthday cake for my birthday. It will be red velvet.

  2. Red Velvet sounds delicious! Happy Birthday to you! :)


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