At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, March 3, 2014

Popcorn Person,...

 I have mentioned on this blog before that Isaac likes popcorn,...haven't I?

It's a regular snack in our house,...usually I make it on the stove, can popcorn on the stove, know and it is MARVELOUS,...or sometimes we get out the air popper,...because Isaac likes to watch the kernels fly into the bowl,...and rarely we'll purchase a bag or two at Costco,...usually when it is on sale,...because hello,...popcorn is dirt cheap to make from scratch,...but $5.00 a bag is a bit much.....Luckily for Isaac Costco had a recent sale,...and we splurged on his favorite brand.

The entire month of February this Mama had been fighting the flu,...and it's been a tough slog with all the congestion and coughing and wheezing while chasing after Mr. You-Know-Who,...because he doesn't slow down just 'cause Mama's sick....

Last week,...after making Isaac breakfast I nosed dived back into bed,...only to rise when I heard a suspicious noises coming from the pantry,...and when I walked into the living room I wasn't surprised to see my pop-corn loving little guy with a entire bag of contraband,...because Mama usually draws the line on snacks taking the place of breakfast,...sorry I.I....but that's just life,...

If you notice,...Isaac wasn't too concerned about bending the breakfast rules,...because he had already eaten ALL his breakfast,...and the popcorn was obviously meant for dessert,...besides I think he knew he looked pretty cute snuggled on the sofa with that bag of popcorn that was as nearly big as he is!!!!

In fact,...Isaac was feeling so confident,...he broke out in song,..."Ahhh,...ahhh,...AHHH!!!" - and that WAS cute!!!!,...because Isaac doesn't sing much,...aside from "Merwiry-Merwiry-Merwiry" chorus on Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat,...but he was watching The Little Mermaid,...and intimidating Ariel's song,...and boy-oh-boy,...did he know that bag of popcorn was safe,...because when Mama's sick,...stuff does tend to slide,...

Smug? Just a tad,...but at least the popcorn is fairly healthy snack and vacuums were invented for crumbs,...and when I was feeling so lousy with that flu,...Isaac's antics cheered me up,...because him singing with that popcorn bag in his lap was hilarious!!!!!

The downside to being sick with a little one is that everything gets sidelined, doctor appointments,....Isaac was due his Four Year Old check-up, but I couldn't take him until I was recovered from what-ever that cold/flu was,...boy did it linger,...just ICKY!!!

However I am finally on the road to recovery and this morning Big Brother Teddy and I took Isaac to see his pediatrician,...and I have to frankly say that no one was looking forward to the visit,...because last time Isaac was at the doctor,...he was less than cooperative, much so,...we both ended up in tears,...but in the past few months Isaac's development has really surged and he did GREAT at the doctor's office!!!!

For starters,...appointments were running late and the Well Waiting Room was PACKED with toddler and babies and Isaac,...who played so nicely with the little folk at the bead table and when that palled,...he cuddled next to me and watched Cloudy With Meatballs on my telephone and by the way isn't that amazing you can have a movie on a telephone?????

Since we were last into the waiting room,...Isaac nearly saw the entire movie,...and best yet he discussed it with me,...or at least said, "Bye-bye," when characters left the scene, and named foods that he recognized, "Bread, Hot Dog, Ice Cream," and lots of, "Oh No's!" during the exciting action bits,...very appropriate reactions,...which we LOVE to witness,...because only a few months ago we were getting - no reactions - like none - nada - but a few months have made a huge difference. 

When it was time to weigh and get measured, Isaac stepped on the scale like a pro - obeying directions from the nurse, and stood still to have his height measured, and for the record he is going to be a BIG GUY - 95% percentile in height and 75% percentile in weight!!!....YEAH,...for being healthy and strong,...must be all that popcorn....

The doctor was great with Isaac and again our little guy was a doll, and absolute doll about letting her listen to his heart and look in his ears,...while Teddy and I exchanged astonished but delighted glances. After our exam Isaac had to go to the lab and have an routine eye-test,...which was even more impressive because he had to sit STILL on a stool with his head in a contraption - in the dark - although dark is not a biggie for him - but sitting perfectly still for 30 seconds!!!...Woohoo!!!....Isaac nailed it.

The lab tech asked Isaac, "How old are you?" - and of course by rote, I prompted, "Isaac, can you say, I am four,"  - not expecting Isaac to say anything other than, "All Done, or Go!" -- but Isaac gave that sassy little grin of his and said, "I four." -- a first EVER!!!!

Blood work was done, and Isaac was big about it, one likes to have their finger sticked, but he was more upset about the icky red coming out and bandaids are ALWAYS sensory overload for him,...he had his off in 3 seconds,...but no kicking - no bucking - no sobbing - just a 'let's-get-this-over-' attitude. Very impressive!!!

Of course, Isaac save the best behavior for last,...when it was a time to get his shots,...he knew they were coming,...he wasn't happy,...that pitiful little lip was to the ground,...but when both shots were given,...he didn't so much as make a peep,...he took his lollipop,...took his bandaids and marched himself out of the room without a single tear or sob!!!! WOW!!!

Last fall after that tearful doctor visit,...I would never have dreamed in a few short months Isaac's progress would have progressed so much,'s really encouraging and while Isaac's social development and severe speech delays are still very much an issue,...we have one less issue to deal with and that is always a blessing.


Needless to say after today's doctor visit,...Isaac has earned himself another bag of popcorn!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. It is so encouraging to hear of the small things are really big things. We love every "small" thing our guy does too!
    (Ps I found your blog through love that max)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Tracy,...It is amazing how Isaac shows us different perspectives,...on nearly every single aspect of his little life,...especially since he does it with so much JOY! :)


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