At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, March 14, 2014


This week after school, Isaac was properly initiated into the rite of afternoon tea, four o'clock,...of course. 

Actually I purchased this tea set last year not realizing it was ceramic,...thus it was prudent to put away until Isaac's happpily-slinging-toys-across-the-room phase had passed. I had forgotten all about this set until I came across it and as Isaac's pretend play needed to be taken up a notch, I dug it out and quite innocently arranged the tea set on one of our kitchen shelves,...very nonchalant,...I didn't mention a word about 'new toys' or 'tea set' to Isaac,...I was curious to see if he would notice the new addition on his own,...and if he would be remotely interested. 

And that would be a YES, both questions,...and it's kinda funny how it happened because Isaac was a little sleepy after school and do I dare say a tad grouchy? Clearly he and not gotten his nap out, and we were in the kitchen and Mr. Grump was whining,...sorry Isaac, but its the truth, were not happy in my arms,...until your eyes spotted four teeny little cups and an adorable little tea pot,...and then Isaac's face flashed a sunshine smile and he quite hilariously pointed to the shelf and said, "Oooooooh," - a lot is lost in translation,...but that little articulated, "OoooOoooOoooh!" - was hilarious,...

After I got the tea set down, took Isaac exactly three seconds to figure out how a tea party works!

It was tea for two,...with Isaac sharing the goodness of pretend tea with Mama!

Accuracy in pouring out the 'pretend' tea took longer,....

Great therapy for fine-motor skills,...but of course,...I never breathed that to Isaac,...

The water made a HUGE mess,...but it's so nice to have a tidy child,...Isaac doesn't like messes,...especially soggy ones,...he thought mopping up was as fun and pouring the tea.

I nearly titled this post: How to Hydrate a Child,...because Isaac must have drank a half gallon of water,...and more than his share of sunflower seeds and raisins,...because in a pretend tea party you have to have refreshments in the creamer and sugar bowl, time we'll have tea cakes and sandwiches too,...Isaac will like helping to make those,...and it will be more sneaky therapy,...which is important,...children on the spectrum quite often have to be taught how to play,...especially social play and there is nothing more social than a tea party!

Needless to say we were thrilled with Isaac's response to his new tea set, was age appropriate, and pretend appropriate,...very encouraging. As were reports from Isaac's teachers this week,...our super sonic little guy is learning how to sit still for a story,...VERY difficult for him,...but he's making progress,...he's being kind and compassionate to his friends,...especially those students in his class that are less physically able than he is. When I picked Isaac up from school one day this past week, he was on the playground,...helping to swing another little boy who was clearly less able than Isaac,...soooo sweet and soooo encouraging,...because there was a time when Isaac didn't notice other children,...but now he wants to make friends, yeah and hurray for our little guy. 

There are still so many things that don't come easily for Isaac,...complex social structures,...attention span,...and then begin able to speak and say what you want to say when you want to say it,...Apraxia doesn't make that easy for Isaac, but he's trying and learning and growing and we're so proud of his progress. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. I also have a ceramic tea set. I had it since I was in preschool/kindergarten.

  2. Wow! Isaac loves his little tea set so much I hope it lasts a good long time! :)


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