At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Chairs and a Camera

After school doldrums,...when it is too wet to play outside.

Oh dear,...but what is a little guy suppose to do in the 21st Century on a cold, rainy afternoon?

Isaac began by sitting in his chairs,...he has four,...but only three were favored this afternoon,...

Our feet are bare because Isaac made a point of wading in every deep puddle he could find in the preschool's parking lot,...he picked up a handful of wet gravel, but dropped it quickly because of the sensory-overload,...icky-sticky-grainy-mud,...looked like a lot more fun than it felt!!!

After school, snacks are always in order,...graham crackers,...eaten off camera,...and an apple,...but the snacks were quickly consumed,...and for Isaac it was time to move on to something more fun, explore that phone-camera Mama keeps pointing,...

By benefit of modern technology I flipped the camera lens so Isaac could see himself on the screen,...and that was FUN!!!!

Isaac insisted we get a picture of his,..."fooooot!"

And then just some self-selfie,...a lot of them,...although most were badly blurred,...

But you can't blur that smile!!!!

Busy week for Isaac,...with doctor appointments, speech therapy and school,...and he's still such a little guy,...with a lot of expectations upon him from: speech and behavior to those social skills that are so complex...

While Isaac and I played together after school, I asked him about his school day,...knowing he wouldn't - yet - be able to tell me about his lunch and playtime and friends. But, I still ask, because it is all I know to do and I want Isaac to know that his school day is important to us. With Isaac, specifics aren't articulated, so I have to look on the school's menu calendar if I want to know what Isaac ate for breakfast and lunch, I know by the weather whether he was in the gym or outside on the playground, by his sunshine smile when he runs to me - whether he had a happy day or not.  Of course the teacher and aides, fill in some of those blanks and we celebrate successes and discuss the challenges. And then Isaac and I walk out the door, down the corridor and out the main entrance to the parking lot to our car and the short drive home.

Today it was raining,...and today Isaac got his shoes wet,....he also discovered how peek over Mama's shoulder for a selfie, perhaps this afternoon wasn't so dull after all!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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