At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thumbs up,....

Putting in a vegetable garden with Isaac, but what does he think about all the changes in our backyard?

Lots of moving and hauling and digging and stacking and watering,.....

Isaac LOVES it!!!!

Dirt, mud, water????....Bring it on!!!!

Of course, we have to take breaks to play,...

And borrow Mommy's gloves,...

Isaac likes gloves, nullifies the icky sensory stuff!!!

Food and water are essential not just for the plants,....

Plants,...well watered by Isaac

Our first vegetable bed,...not glamorous, but it will get the job done. 

As for Isaac,...he gives gardening a thumbs up!!!!

This week is Spring Break for Isaac, preschool, but that's fine, we've been sooooo busy trying to get a vegetable garden started,...and for the record,...gardening with a preschooler is verrrrrry slow,...but no surprise there, we just go with the flow,...and Isaac's flow has been fantastic: verbal, social and behavior.

Maybe its all the fresh air and sunshine,...because Isaac's verbal output is growing by leaps and bounds,...and his social imitation is fantastic,...especially this evening when I was planting the garden bed,...Isaac was by my side - imitating my every move as he planted rocks and sticks,...and golly I'd wish they'd grow just because he was sooooo cute and soooo earnest, if those rocks were seeds. 

Soon as we can,...we're going to be planting some radishes and carrots and other child friendly veggies,...for Isaac to harvest and what fun that will be!!! 

Thumbs up for all this good interaction. It's wonderful to know that Isaac really loves being outside and even helping with all the chores,...especially watering,...

Believe me, all our plants will be well hydrated this summer,...and this afternoon when we were adding the dirt to the bed,...Isaac helped by throwing in handfuls of sand, it was pixie-dust,...and perhaps that sand will make our garden grown

Who knows? We're just glad for the one-on-one time with our little guy and that he is so receptive,...perhaps nature is the best therapy!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. My son loves sensory stuff, but as long as it is on his terms. Don't you suggest he go into the moody water, but jumping in the next poodle is just find - I am glad you had fun - connecting with you via Love that max linkup

  2. We're really excited about the sensory tolerance,...because last year,...Isaac was not having any of it, sand, dirt or mud,...but I think the occupational therapy at his preschool has really helped. Thanks for checking us out,...we love: Love that Max,...such a great blog!!!

  3. If so, which ones? I'm autistic and have sensory issues, but mainly in the gustatory area. It's not like I avoid unfamiliar food because I have eaten plenty of odd foods. Examples include star fruit, pomegranates with white arils, very fresh guavas (as in picked directly off the tree), papaya, Asian pear, and other things. However, I cannot stand hamburgers (and most beef), pork, raw tomatoes, raw leafy greens (too bitter), strong flavors, or too many combined textures.

  4. Anything soft or mushy is not Isaac's favorite,...wet sand, mud....foamy soap, for food,...he fingertip tests any new food,...and it will either past the test or not,...he likes chocolate chip cookies, but NOT Oreos,...gooey middle,...but Isaac will try a new food,'s clearly hard for him and he usually rejects it,...but he does try and that is hopeful. :)


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