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At 42 Degrees

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do The Zoo: Preschooler Style

Preschool Class Day at the Zoo 2014,...began with a traffic jam and us sitting in the same exit ramp spot for twenty minutes,...but Isaac was a sport about the delay: he nibbled a corn dog (Mama's favorite breakfast on the go: go-to) and looked at some books,...and pretty much chilled while Mama worried about being sooooo late meeting up with the preschool class and getting a parking place,...because the reason for the traffic jam was that EVERY school in a 100 mile radius decided to take a field trip to the zoo this morning!!!!

But eventually everyone made it to the zoo and Isaac tolerated wearing his yellow arm band fairly well,...for awhile, least. 

Being with a special needs preschool everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace as some of the children have more physical challenges and some like Isaac need to go at super-sonic speeds. But Isaac willingly held Mama's hand,...and that's a big development because usually Isaac balks about security hands holds because they cramp his let's-dart-here-and-let's-dart-there style. Also no surprise that Isaac in sensory-seeking mode was once again enthralled with the fences,...

And the sidewalks, did little good to encourage, "LOOK Isaac, giraffes!" 

But at least the giraffes got to see Isaac,...

Or rather a blue and green blur,...

No surprise that the multi-million dollar exotic animals were a yawn to Isaac,...but this extravagant display of wisteria caught Isaac's attention and with good reason,...the fragrance was absolutely delicious,...and the ambiance breathtaking,...but at the very end of the corridor,...Isaac's attention was distracted and it wasn't by the majestic lion rising from a nap,...nope, was a couple boulders,...that Isaac patted and considerately took his leave from, saying: "Bye Rock. Bye Rock." - goodbye for both!

Do the Zoo: Preschool Style,...means Isaac preferred playing on the rocks,...large and small...

The bigger the better,....

Which meant,...Isaac only dallied in the preschool section a moment,...he was soon on to bigger and better mountain-like rocks with the bigger kids.

Note on those bigger elementary school children,...Isaac watched them, enthralled, when they were playing a set of african drums in the play-area,...and when the impromptu concert was done: Isaac enthusiastically clapped,...and instructed others to clap,...saying: "Yeah!"  - really cute, but then Isaac is a music lover!!!

However more and more kids swarmed the uber-cool play area, and when the crowds got too crowded it was time for quieter venues,...

Only a preschooler would find fun shuffling their feet in the mulch,...and the real live kangaroos at the end of the bamboo tunnel? Nope, not as interesting at the man-made rocks of the exhibit,...

Come what may,...Isaac is a man-in-the-making,...who knows what he likes,....and as our admission bands were good for ALL admissions riding the Zoo Train would have been nice. Isaac likes trains,...but the chaotic lines were sooooo long it was like a four-train wait,...and for Isaac waiting in line, not yet a skill mastered, we passed it by as he was getting a little tired and more than a tad over-loaded by the increasing crowds and a few transitions were challenging for the both of us,....because it was so hard for Isaac to understand it was OK that we were leaving one area of the zoo,...because there were more areas to be explored.

However all of Mama's reassurances just weren't reassuring enough for a few tears fell and one of the older elementary school children asked (quite kindly): "Why is he crying?"

Gee, what do you say? Because our little guy is overwhelmed by the increasing crowds and doesn't understand we are transitioning from one uber-cool area to another equally uber-cool area,...which was what the tears were about. But of course, I didn't digress, I smiled and said, "He's just tired,'s nap time."  

Which also wasn't too far off the mark, but Isaac wasn't too tired to ride the carousel,...and we lucked-out by walking up at the right moment so there was NO WAIT,....

Can't tell, but this is a bunny rabbit,...a very big bunny rabbit that went up and down on a very protracted ride,..that was soooo long it made the patrons feel they got their money's worth or that the ride operator was on social media and forgot us,...but little matter the extra time on that bunny rabbit made Isaac very happy,...he likes carousels,...a lot!!!

No tears while taking a selfie with Mama,...just that big beautiful smile!

More stuff to explore,...but not animals,...Isaac walked right thru the multi-million dollar children's petting zoo area to find THIS log,...and he was soooo pleased and what makes Isaac happy makes us happy. 

Yes, it is true,...Isaac is all about gravel and rocks,...

 And water,...Isaac called this waterfall: "Rain."

More rocks to discover,...perhaps Isaac is going to become a geologist,...he LOVES them!

And Mama just loves spending time with her little guy,...check out that face, says it all:
"She's kiss'in on me again,..."

You bet,...can't tell Isaac enough, much we love him,...
even at the zoo it is hugs and kisses galore!

Preschool Zoo Field Trip 2014,...Isaac explored in his own matchless style,...which meant the animals got to see him,...while he inspected the enclosures, and walkways and fences and barriers,...but there is no barrier on Isaac's limit on having fun,...he experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure you do too,...and that's really quite a wonderful way to spend a Thursday morning!!!

Tomorrow is Good Friday: we have a set of Resurrection Eggs, Isaac liked them last year and hopefully he'll have retained some of the meaning. Holidays are still tough for us, we don't know how much Isaac takes in, but Saturday Isaac will be coloring eggs and listening to Mama tell more about the Resurrection Story. Sunday is Easter,...and church experience speaks for itself as we celebrate this very special holiday celebrating Jesus Christ for HE IS RISEN!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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