At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, April 7, 2014

Not So Easy

So far the only thing predictable about Isaac is that NOTHING is predictable,...such as speech, day Isaac can belt out the lyrics to Let It Go (Frozen) karaoke-style,...the next day he struggles to say: 'dink' - drink --- that's Apraxia. On the sensory side, one day Isaac will willing eat his gummy vitamin,...the next day it is adamantly refused,...that's Autism,...

Each day you never know what you're going to get. 

Yesterday is a perfect example,...lovely Sunday morning,...breakfast,....cup of coffee,
chat with hubby before starting to get ready for church,...Isaac zooming about the
kitchen and living room,...pretty normal. 
Then a delicious aroma over took the house
smelled exactly like a Starbucks.
My husband and I exchanged horrid looks, "Oh no! HE DIDN"T!!!!"
Isaac did.
An entire jar of instant coffee dumped upon our 'lightish colored' living room rug.
Our adored preschooler chalked a different pigment in coffee.
Glorified mess. 

There is just something soooo tempting about that jar of instant coffee,
for this is not Isaac's first offense. 
Into the corner went a distraught Isaac,...whimpering: 'Sor'
Out came the vacuum,
my husband ran the bath water. 
Isaac sobbed in the corner,...contrite,...we think,
or else disappointed his fun was interrupted. 
While we bathed Isaac twice:
first time in diluted instant coffee,
the second time was a clear rinse,
my husband and I discussed what are the limits to our son's understanding?
We just don't know.
It's not black and white.
Isaac knew we weren't pleased,
and surely he KNEW he shouldn't have taken the coffee,
and DUMPED the coffee,
let's use a little logic here,...mama and papa are going to notice
a mound of coffee on the living room rug.
But coffee was dumped,...and it did vacuum nicely so little damage done,
the rug was the least of our worries,
and we made sure Isaac knew that,
or at least we told him,
"God forgives us when we make mistakes,
and Mommy and Daddy forgive you too."
Hope the message sinks in,
for while Isaac isn't consistent,
we have to be consistent:
loving, forgiving, understanding, teaching, and accepting.
It's not black in white. 
The issue is in living color.

On a little cheerier note this morning Isaac made a HUGE leap forward,
when we were walking out to the car,
he pointed to the back yard,
smiled up at me and said:
"I run."

"Yes, Isaac, you do run in the backyard," 
I answered before covering the little darling with kisses,
because, WooHOO,...Isaac used an
appropriate: pronoun and verb with recall!!!!

Huge achievement for my Mane Man!!!!
And hopeful,
perhaps now the next time Isaac is tempted by
that coffee jar
he'll recall that dumping instant coffee
is not authorized independent play,
and go hunt up his blocks instead.
We'll see.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. I remember spilling various substances. My worst offense: sugar

  2. Isaac likes spilling popcorn kernels too,...his own little sensory play, makes a mess, but not as messy as instant coffee!


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