At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, April 11, 2014


Well it's been one of those weeks,...starting with that instant coffee spill Sunday morning, add lots of life-stuff, and a sprained knee (mine),...and you get a week, where you just never know what to expect, when Isaac woke from his nap,...and I heard him pattered down the hall,...but he never made it to my office,...and when I got up to check on him,...this is what I found,...

What else are big brothers for?

Of course,...Isaac savoring the last of his nap didn't last long,...

Ally-oop and up,...Isaac's got things to do,...

Like comfort Mama,...

All week, my hurt knee has been getting kisses to make it well,
and Wednesday morning
when life closed in and everything seemed dark and hopeless
and I poured out my heart to the LORD in prayer,
Isaac was there,
he likes to pray and say Amen,
but this was different from meal-time grace or bed time prayers,
this was a prayer for strength, and courage, and even miracles
and you know, I received one!
Barely had I said, 'Amen' 
when Isaac put his little arms around me
 and clearly,
most clearly said:
'Don't worry.'

What a divine moment!
Talk about wisdom from the mouth of babes,
especially since Isaac's never used the word:
 don't - before, nor worry.
And how does Isaac even know what worry is?
It's not something we have ever discussed with our little guy. 
One usually doesn't with a four year old,
especially with a four year old with challenges,
we're just trying to get Isaac repeat simple stuff like:
'Look a dog.'
But like a bona fide miracle
Isaac's comforting words can't be explained. 
And they worked!
It is impossible to express how fully comforted I was,
and still am.

Life is tough at times,
'Don't worry'
it's going to be OK,
it always is, way or the other,
my knee is healing, 
the life-stuff is sorting itself out,
and our house no longer smells like Starbucks.

Unexpected miracles,
still happen.
Isaac's existence is proof of that!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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