At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Love You - Ti-angle

Preschool is out and summer vacation is here for Isaac and he's celebrating by sleeping in each morning,...which is fine for this week,...but next week we'll get back onto our school schedule so we can keep to a routine,...and besides it's MUCH cooler in the early morning to play outside than mid-day,...and when summer temps really hit,...mid-day play won't be an option, it is best for Mr. Isaac to learn to get his outdoor fun as early as possible,...and that it will help with transitioning back to school in August, which is a bonus,...

Outside, Isaac is helping to keep our vegetable garden watered, picking peas and turning into a worm wrangler,...because when Isaac finds a worm,...he gently,...oh so gently,...with really remarkable gentleness,...because you can tell on a sensory level the wiggly worm is freaking him out,...but sensory ick, or not,...Isaac knows his duty and he gently transports the worm to a garden bed,...and then vigorously scrubs his hands,...

When not wrangling worms, zooming around the garden beds, or trying to climb a free-standing dolly-cart, Isaac is in his sandpit,...alas a tiny sandpit and one situated too near our patio and backdoor,...which is navigating all that scattered sand into our house, but our downstairs is not about to become a beachhead,, no, no, no,...this Mama has too much fun stuff to do with her little guy this summer than spending time sweeping and vacuuming sand!!! Thus, a super-delux sandpit is in the process of being built, this juncture we're still hauling bricks, blocks and sand,...'cause it is: Go Big or Go Home,...and as Isaac has soooooo enjoyed playing in his teeny-sand pit, only stands to reason he is absolutely going to LOVE,...this labor of love,...and also a good hint is that all those bags of sand are driving him crazy, any other four year old,...Isaac wants them open and he wants them open, NOW!!!

All good things to those that wait,...a lesson Isaac is learning this summer,...and so are we,...because last summer Isaac could barely say: Mama,...but now the sound rings all day, "Mama, dink," - "Mama, help!" - "Mama, whatdoyoudo?" - "Mama, wherediditgo." - "Mama, luv you."

Cherish those: "Mama, luv you." - and we are grateful that Isaac is so loving and affectionate: he's all about hugs and kisses and cuddles,...and that's a joy to our hearts. But, of course Apraxia/Autism likes to take a twist at every aspect of our lives,...even in expressions of love. Usually when we say, "Love you, Isaac," - we get, "Luv, you," back, complete with sign as those little hands and arms hug his heart, and it is a constant refrain in our home,...but occasionally just to keep life interesting we'll get a different response - just as loving - but a tad perplexing, this past week when I said to Isaac, "I love you, I.I." (I.I. is his nickname) and for a response - my little guy solemnly formed a triangle out of his little fingers and replied, "Ti-angle."  

"Yes, that is a triangle!" I praised making my own finger triangle, "And, I love you!"

"Ti-angle!" - with a kiss this time, so our little guy got the gist of the exchange, but obviously he felt compelled to add his own matchless twist,...and although perplexing,'s fine,'s Isaac,...and Isaac is Isaac,...and he is 'fearfully and wonderfully made' - and we are so blessed to have him in our lives,...he is so full of joy and love,...and mischief too,...let's be clear,...I.I. is curiosity personified, and the vast majority of his mischief, the container of Kosher salt, he dumped in the kitchen and living room this week, based on his curiosity,...and Isaac did spend some time in the corner after he helped to clean up the mess,...but after redirection,...comes time on Mama's lap,...talking about why we don't make sensory 'sand piles' our of Kosher salt in the house. Then hugs and kisses, and from me: "I love you!"

Isaac's reply?


But, this Mama got a hug and kiss, maybe for now 'ti-angle' means: "I love you, Mama." - and that's just fine by me!

Until I post again,...may God Bless and keep you!

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