At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Isaac's been busy

Ultra short post today,...because Isaac and our entire household have been busy with these cuties!!!

Meet Buster and Little Lady, week old Lab/Boxer mix (Boxadors),...with almost as much energy as our little guy!!! Buster is the dark pup,...Little Lady has the pretty little brown and white face,...aren't they cute!!!!

When we walked into the PetSmart,...Saturday afternoon we were suppose to be investigating the possibility of adopting ONE puppy with no intention of adopting immediately,...but two hours later we walked out of the pet store with TWO puppies,...but it was just one of those things when everything came together sooooo perfectly,...these pups are a good fit for Isaac and our home,...and our enormous back yard!!!!

No pix of Isaac and the puppies because they've been soooo cute playing together I keep forgetting to get my camera out,...but to say the least Isaac and the pups ADORE each other,...and Isaac finally has some playmates that can keep up with his super-sonic speeds!!!!

So on a Mama-Front, does seem like madness that I will be potty training THREE,...but I am already anticipating that Isaac observing how the 'flow-of-nature' shall we say works for all creatures,...and that ALL creatures have expectations on where-and-when they eliminate,...will be beneficial,...and I have to say our pups are very well crate trained, that is a big help!

The very first night we crated the pups for the night,...Isaac was heard gently saying prayers to the puppies,...teaching them, "Thank you, God Amen!" and after they went to sleep he put a finger to his little lips and shhhhhhhed,....very positive reinforcements that all God's creatures have value.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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