At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day Preschool,....

Is Isaac really upset about today being his last day of preschool for this school year?

Nah,...not really,'s just sooooooo early in the morning for our late-night-loving guy,...he ain't never got the hang of this 'get-up-get-ready-for-school-business' -- and that's a challenge we can take up fresh in August,...since sleep issues are sleep issues,...and hopefully over the summer vacation the remaining of Isaac's sleep issues will sort themselves out,...

Sleep issues aside, we're so proud of Isaac's accomplishments this school year,...he's really grown socially and verbally and academically,...such nice tracing on the alphabet letters and such nice cutting with scissors,...and as for all that school routine-stuff,...well,...that is a lot of a little guy to take in and assimilate,...and Isaac has made strides,...he can take turns and listen to a story!!!!

As for being sleepy, least when Isaac wakes,...he is AWAKE!!!!

Yes,...this is the same child,...and yes these pix were only taken a few minutes apart!!!

We're looking forward to lots of fun adventures this summer,...our first summer since Isaac's diagnosis without being dragged here and there to multiple classes and therapy,...although we'll still have some therapy,...but as for special needs summer classes for preschoolers - over three years old and under five years old - those are few and far between and the few, very few that I did locate were sooooooooooo expensive,'s hello, can people afford to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for one or two social classes a week? Private therapy stretches out budget enough as it is, we'll just wing it this summer,...and that's OK,...because Isaac has a genius for finding fun,...and we are guaranteed not to have a dull summer!

With a backyard to play in,...swimming lessons,...a puppy to adopt,...a deluxe sandpile to build,...books to read,...puzzles to solve,...bubbles to blow,...cookies to bake,...a garden to water,...tomatoes and cucumbers to pick and pickle,...and maybe even a trip to the beach,...Isaac is set to have ONE GREAT SUMMER,...

Memorial Weekend is this weekend,...and we'll be getting our flag out,...letting our little guy know that the first of summer is more than just being out of school for a couple months. 

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. Sounds like you have great summer planned out for a great little guy! I found you at Love that Max!

  2. I can't wait for summer and indoor rock climbing.


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