At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning To Live,...

Understandably I thought I knew all there was to know about motherhood, and quite a bit about life before Isaac came into our lives as I was nearly 45 when Isaac was born, not exactly a spring chicken, and I had raised and homeschooled two sons to the threshold and beyond of adulthood. But, then our most intrepid Isaac, most unexpectedly arrived and my views on motherhood and child raising were forever changed because there is a reason: special needs children are said to have special needs for their unique needs and the rhythms of daily life is not typical which means often the most simplest of tasks can be mind-bogglingly complex, but on the flip side some of the most perplexing complexities of life are simplified into the most elemental terms,...

I whisper into Isaac's ear and he whispers back to my heart and we both say the same thing, "I love you." 

And love does truly does encompass all, for with Isaac there are so many unknowns: will he ever be able to fully communicate, will he ever truly get this mumbo-jumbo social stuff, which if you look at it through Isaac's eyes, is pretty weird,...why can't people just say: I like you,...without the posturing and posing and pecking orders? Isaac doesn't want to one-up anyone, he just wants to play and be friends and have fun. Or in other words, Isaac just wants to: love one another and be kind to one another,...

At all times, Isaac is undiluted,...what you see is what you get,...and one of the most important lessons Isaac's taught me, to live in the moment. 

To Isaac the future doesn't exist and the past is but a fading memory,...ALL that matters is NOW,...NOW is ALL the time we truly have. Pretty profound stuff from a four year with a severe expressive speech disorder. Thus, each day I am learning to live,...and appreciate each moment: rejoicing in successes and evaluating challenges,...and accepting each in the balance of humanity,...for life is not perfect,...and guess what? That's OK. 

My Isaac experiences the world in a different way and he makes sure you do too,...and that is our reality, is not typical, but it is very wonderful,...

Thank you LORD for blessing us with our sweet boy!
We love you Isaac!!!
You are our laughter and our joy!!!

Happy Mother's Day to every Mother,...
may you have a blessed day!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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