At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


One of Isaac's favorite words and venues is, 'Outside',.....specifically in our backyard,...

Check out that smile,...Isaac's very happy he has puppies to play with after school each day and boy do that three-some have fun together,...lots and lots of giggles....

There are rules to playing outside,...the first rule is that someone has to supervise be it Mama, Daddy or big brothers, independent play for our little guy,...he still likes to wander a bit too much for our comfort and his safety, needless to say the gates are all extra, extra safety locked.

Next is pant protection, keep scrapes and bruises at a minimum,...and I've been able to find,...very thin, but sturdy pants for Isaac to play in,...because with Autism,...a cut or a bruise takes on new dimensions,...and from what I understand Isaac is not the only child that has trouble letting a scrap or cut heal,...because Band-aids are not an option for Isaac and his sensory issues,'s just not happening so the only defenses I have are prevention, very short finger nails for Mr. Isaac and thankfully he tolerates having his nails regularly clipped,...and for those boo-boos that are going to happen, no matter what with an active little guy,...I've found liquid bandage to be a boom,...Isaac HATES it,...and I don't blame him, stings, I know it stings,...and it's cuddles and rewards galore when the doctoring is complete,...but the stuff effectively seal the boo-boo, it can heal without being picked to pieces,'s just another element of autism, never consider until you are faced with the reality. 

The third defense is BOOTS,...honky big, clunky loud, nice and protective hiking boots,...because part of our backyard is very wooded,...and who KNOWS what's in the weeds and Isaac likes to tramp everywhere, thick boots are peace of mind for Mama,...and Isaac ADORES wearing boots,...the boots in the pictures above are new and he wanted me to take pictures of them,'s the blue tabs,...and I was thrilled Isaac was so happy with his new boots,...because generally Isaac takes no notice of his clothes or shoes, matter HOW cute or HOW many rockets, or cars, or trucks are on his shirts,...he's never noticed,...but these boots must be extra special,...'cause they got their own selfie!!!!

Of course if you are an outdoor guy you are going to have your own little red lawn chair to lounge in,...or rather stop for a quick drink before its off to new adventures....

For the past few weeks,...we've been VERY busy putting in a new garden,...we're talking building the garden beds from scratch and planting,...and we're almost done,...we've a garden fence to complete to keep the puppies out,...and a few trellis to finish,...then our attention is going to be turned upon Isaac's playground,...he already has trucks and cars, and a water table and a quasi-sand box,...but we are going to build Isaac some climbing equipment and a slide and swing and ball-thingy...and of course we've dog houses to build as well,...and Isaac will happily be in the midst because he LOVES outside and never wants to go in,...not even for Veggie Tales, we are planning on a very active and very fresh-air summer with our little guy, galore!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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