At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rescuing O's,...

Storms this week have left us in a soggy world which means getting to play outside hasn't been an option,...oh dear,...what to do?

Puzzles of course, a rash act,...I dragged out every single puzzle Isaac owns,...and this picture doesn't depict all the other puzzles out of the camera range,...and YES,'s a glorious mess, but it was also fantastic entertainment that kept Isaac engage ALL day long,...he dearly loves a puzzle and for once our little guy got his fill,...but from time to time,...he needed a little help!

"Mama,...Mama,...the O in the alphabet puzzle is stuck and I can't get it out,...will you come to the living room and help me!!!!"  - a constant refrain,...only that's not exactly what Isaac said,...because he can't. Instead, Isaac would run into my office, climb into my lap and say and sign, "Help." - he'd jump off my lap and tug at my arm, "Down" -- wanting me down from the chair. He'd take my hand, "Go." and usher me down the hall into the living room and show me the puzzle in question, "Help, Mama, help!"  - knowing my role, I would give what assistance was needed, and it was usually that O in the alphabet puzzle that would get stuck pretty good and be in need of rescuing,...and I would then take Perspective Breaks,...because it is hard that our little guy can't say exactly what he wants to say and some of that is the Apraxia and some of that is the Autism. 

Each day we are grateful for what Isaac is able to accomplish,...and its HUGE to us that he can say Mama, and Daddy and Teddy and Michael,...we are his family and we love him. Isaac can say: Isick, and he can pray, "Thank you God, Amen." -- Isaac can tell us when he is hungry and thirsty and he's not shy about letting us know his pleasure or displeasure,...but most of his communication is in one word utterances or signs or set phrases: Idon'tknow, wherediditgo, thereitis,...because having a 'typical' conversation is not yet a skill our little guy has mastered,...and it is hard not being able to talk to your child,...I only know if Isaac likes the cookies I bake,...if he eats them,...but I don't know why he likes them, is it the oatmeal, or chocolate chips or would he rather have raisins or cranberries? Unknowns, and there are no answers,...none, nada, absolutely a blank screen,...and for all we know,...we may never know,...and that's just a reality we live with. 

Isaac is Isaac and he communicates to the best of his ability,...and hugs and kisses and smiles and giggles go a long way toward smoothing any disconnects. Yet, it is still all very puzzling,...and the only thing we know to do is keep on keeping on: modeling speech, teaching signs,...and just loving the little guy,...'cause he's sooooo cute,...even when he gibber gabbers and he knows exactly what he's saying but it sounds hungarian for all I know,...but he's so intent on communicating and sooooo cute, that I gibber gabber back to his delight,...and that's a conversation, his book. 

Isaac's biggest asset is that sunshine smile of his, lets us know he's happy and that's all that really matters,...I want to talk to my son,...but even more I want him to be happy and comfortable with his level of communication,...if he's not puzzled,...this Mama is good,...I'll get out of my office chair a hundred times a day,...if necessary to rescue O's,...because if it is important to Isaac, is important to me!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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