At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden Therapy & Gravity

Our vegetable garden is taking off with the help of miracle grow,...that stuff really works,...and Isaac is enjoying working in the garden,...he is a watering expert with his little watering can and a spray bottle, which he uses to keep everything well misted. Why? I am not sure, he just likes to spray water on the leaves, and as it is beneficial,...I keep filling up that little spray bottle as much as he likes.

When not watering,...Isaac is helping to harvest,...and while he's not quite up to picking anything,...he likes helping to find what is ripe and proudly putting the produce in our harvest bucket,...

Proudly posing for a rare posed picture, Isaac doesn't mind showing off an EXTRA LARGE squash,....yum, yum,...fried squash is a YES for Isaac,...and shhhhh,...don't tell,...but Isaac consumed a watermelon/cucumber smoothie this morning,...'cause he thought it was Diet Coke,...and I stayed wide-eyed with innocence,...for all is fair in love an nutrition,...when it comes to nutrition,...and YES, was hard to keep a straight face when our little guy was smacking his lips over that smoothie!!!

So quite obviously the garden therapy has been going quite well, certainly keeps us outside and provides lots of opportunities for cooperation and socialization,...and it just plain ol' FUN,...and you get fresh veggies to boot,'s a win-win and well worth the investment!

However a little gardener can't garden ALL day long, have to save some time to experiment with gravity, Isaac has discovered how much fun a sloping yard and a wheeled vehicle can provide, he drags the little front loader up the slope and happily rolls down,...

Up the slope,...down the slope,...and it's utterly amazing how gravity works every single time!!!

All that botany and physics can wear out a little guy,...

And YES,...our sleepy little batman eked a tons of smiles and comments at Lowes when we had to run to town for more stepping stones as we are still working on Isaac's backyard play area,'s been a hurry up and wait project as we are waiting on a portion of his play structure to arrive,...but that's why its been so nice to have the garden,...Isaac's having a great time with gardening and gravity,...he has no idea more fun is in store,....

Squash blossoms,...a mammoth flower,...which are edible,...and the ones we don't let grow into squash,...we pick, dredge in flour and fry like fried squash,...and Isaac LOVES them,...they are very crisp like a potato chip with a very mild squash flavor...but best of all they provide a great vitamin A boost,...and what's the fun of having a garden if you can't home-grow all your vitamins.

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. I have eaten flowers in my Chinese food. Apparently one of the stalks bloomed and yielded a unique treat.


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