At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 27, 2014


Our little rat terrier puppy is named: Oreo,...for obvious reasons,...and it is a delight to hear Isaac call the puppy for some playtime, "O-E-O!" - and that's close enough to send the puppy scampering to Isaac's side for some fun,...because even a puppy knows Isaac is the fun-mister in the house!

Isaac also points to the puppy and says, "Coo-tute" -- Cute,...which for us is really cute, and very appropriate use of an adjective and that's encouraging as we are trying to help Isaac learn language structure. 

Vocabulary for Isaac is coming along nicely and we have a feeling that busy-little-mind receptively absorbs everything, but expressive language skills are the challenge,...and where or how the disconnect is disconnected we are not sure except that Apraxia and Autism both have a part to play in making communication a challenge for our little guy. 

Modeling language is effective,...Isaac learned, "Cute," -- applied to the puppy from hearing us,...referring to the puppy or even more likely himself,...because Isaac's chock full of cuteness, and at times when he's in full echolian-mode, intellectually spouting what sounds like gibberish, all you can do to respond is exclaim, "I didn't quite catch that son,...but you're soooo cute!"

Sign language for us has been an invaluable tool, and while it's not a difficult language to learn as most signs make approximations to what you are referring to,'s difficult to remember to sign to Isaac as he is not hearing impaired,...and my husband and I have both discussed the fact that we need to step up our game in the signing department and this week, Isaac's doctor agreed that it is vital for Isaac to 'see' language as he is such a visual learner, back to the books for this Mama, I need to become more exact about learning how to sign Exact English to Isaac,...but hey,...anything to help our little guy make the connections on how our complex language structure works,...because being soooo cute will only go so far for our little guy in the wider world,...and no doubt we'll also make use of language apps as well,...everything and anything,...but so far Isaac responds to signing most Joy of Signing, I come,...


Luckily Isaac already knows how to sign: dog,...and he can say: "O-E-O" - and we hope one day he can sign or say: "Oreo is my dog."

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. Oreo is cute. My hairless rat terrier is getting old and sleepy.

  2. O-E-O is adorable!! And of course, so is Isaac! lol at him echoing "cute" because he hears it so much.


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