At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, June 6, 2014

Puppies and Progress,...

In Isaac's opinion a Humane Society full of dogs and cats and puppies and kitten could only be improved by a myriad of PUZZLES,....

So our first foray into dog ownership was a wash when the rescue mission misrepresented - in a classic bait and switch - our puppy's breed, we were told Little Lady and Buster were Lab/Boxer mix, but when their medical records arrived, we were dismayed to learn they are Pit Bull Mix,...and in our area Pit Bulls have to be REGISTERED, it's a big deal to have potentially aggressive dogs,...and it was not a risk we were willing to take,...thus those sweet puppies were returned to the mission,...and my only request was that they be properly identified to their new families, is only fair  with that MUCH responsibility that adopting families KNOW what they are getting into. 

That's been a few weeks ago,...and every night since when Isaac says his prayers,...he has still been adding: '....and dog and dog,...AMEN!'

Kinda hint, that Isaac would like to have that empty dog crate filled,...and after much research we've decided to look for a Jack Russell or a Rat Terrier puppy for our family,...and we've looked and looked and looked,....considering all options,...purchasing a puppy or rescuing a puppy,...with the hopes to rescue,...but finding exact puppies for an exact breed in a shelter isn't easy,...and we were about to go the breeder route when earlier this week, I spotted a eight week old, Rat Terrier cutie on the internet at our local Humane Society,....and thus Isaac got to happily hang out in the Humane Society's waiting area,....while I spoke with the handlers,...about: Carlton. 

Needless to say the adoption process took a while,...but Isaac was good as gold!!!!....So proud of his progress,...because there were lots of distractions with all those pets,...but Isaac stayed on the little stool and waited, a champ,...although the puzzles and having big brother Teddy there did help a LOT!!!

Of course we adopted that sweet little guy,...eight weeks old, and white,...Rat Terrier,...boy puppy, who we have renamed: Oreo,...

It's hard to tell in the pictures but Oreo has lots of black: cookie shaped splotches,...mostly on his little legs, so the name was most apropos!!!

Oreo is a little dog with one BIG heart,...

Calm, cool and collected as an Oreo Blizzard,...and as sweet!!!

So, Oreo is a darling, but he is also is still VERY young,...just eight weeks,...and a little nervous from having been rescued from who-knows-what,...but the puppy is very interest whenever Isaac is about,...watching Isaac's every move and tolerating the loving pats that Isaac has bestowed upon our new family member,...and no disrespect to Little Lady or Buster,...but when Isaac said his prayers last night,...he only Or-e-O,...which is FANTASTIC that Isaac can say: Oreo,...I half-thought the puppy would probably be nicknamed: O,...but Isaac's made a lot of progress,...his vocabulary is increasing and we are working on his expressive - expression: "I want a drink" - not "Dink."

On a side note,...Isaac had the opportunity to learn about civic responsibility this week when he went to our local polling place and helped me vote, the sense he sat on my lap and admired the little black circles I made with the pen,...but it was a positive experience and of course, Isaac charmed all the voting officials,...with that sunshine smile of his,...and of course Isaac had FUN!!!!

More fun in store for us this summer as we integrate Oreo into our family routine....for it is progress for us to finally have a puppy!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!


  1. My dog is a hairless rat terrier. He's 10 years old and sleeps most of the time.

  2. Oreo is very laid back,...for the moment,...he likes outside and he definitely likes Isaac!!!


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