At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Can You Hear Me,...NOW?

So lately Isaac has been going through a phase,...I know it is a phase,...or at least I hope it is a phase,...and I hope it is the phase I think it is,... because if it is,...then it is a significant transition in communication, Isaac is attempting to widen the scope of his expressive communication abilities. 

The phase is going something like this:

Can you,...




Or in other words,...Isaac is convinced everyone has a hearing problem,...and if we're not understanding his communication attempts,...then RAISING HIS VOICE IS THE ONLY POLITE THING TO DO,....because,...of course a louder tone is going to get his message across. 

Isaac also uses what I call his 'telepathy' gaze,
deep and soulful,
as he attempts to transfer ideas
from his brain to ours. 
And our little guy is soooo earnest trying to make you understand,
you desperately wish you were telepathic,...
and it would make life a lot simpler for those with Apraxia,
but alas science fiction and reality often clash,
and you're stuck with a conflict of uncommunicated communication. 

But, I am convinced this is a phase,...especially the louder tones,...because Isaac knows we can hear him,...but it's not the attention he's seeking, but the connection - his brain to ours - and that's the significant transition,...because Isaac is trying to convey more than just needs,...he wants to share ideas,...and that's really exciting,...because I know our little guy is chock full of unique observations,...he's just dying to share,...and for his limited abilities,...Isaac does a pretty good job of getting his message across with that expressive face and dramatic use of voice inflection and body language,...believe me,...communicating with Isaac is NEVER dull!

This transition is a biggie,...and I know it will either be an overnight event or a long drawn out ordeal, and when I say ordeal,...I mean how frustrating can it be to want to express and idea or a feeling or even a more complicated need,...and NOT be able to,...and that's what Isaac deals with each day,...and with so much grace and humor and ingenuity that I am in awe of this child,...especially in the compassionate way our little guy treats our 'communication' difficulties,...he's doing everything he can, to help us,...understand him,...lifting his voice, patiently repeat the phrase until we 'get it' ,...and not losing his sense of joy in sheer existence,...because at four years old,...Isaac already knows there is difference in hearing and understanding,...and when Isaac raises his tone,'s not for us to hear, is for us to understand,...and Mama gets it,...little guy,...Mama gets it!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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  1. I am naturally soft-spoken, so I am often told to speak up.


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