At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Friday, July 11, 2014


It's hot and humid here in the Deep South,...very hot and very humid,...which makes playing outside in July only fit in the very early morning and very late afternoon,...but what do you do on vacation inside between those play times?

Some free play,...lots of puzzles and books,...or helping around the house, Isaac can pick up his toys nicely and helps to care for the puppy: Oreo...but when puzzles and puppies, and books pall,'s TV time,...and while we are VERY picky about Isaac's television programing,...we don't have any problem with him watching television in down times,'s been a great therapy tool,...increasing his vocabulary and social interaction,...

We're blessed to have a DVR, a digital video reorder, comes with our satellite television viewing package,...quite a change from VHS and even DVD technology, tapes or discs to keep up with only television controls,...and by right of our household at least 85% of our DVR memory space is dedicated to Isaac's favorite television shows/movies,...and Isaac let's us know what he wishes to watch and this morning,...Isaac didn't have to wave a little finger with a "Nope, nope, nope," as we go down the DVR list,...this morning Isaac gave a verbal request,...which is actually a biggie, that is recall and request,...and plus the way he vocalized his request was and is soooooo cute,...because Isaac wanted to watch:


It gets even cuter because Isaac likes to sing 
the (Disney) Cinderella opening song,...
and OK,...that's the only word he can vocalize,...but he gets the tune spot-on!!!

And then it's time for interactive television watching,...because if those little mice dance
Isaac dances too,...and spins,...and jumps, tune to the music,...of course.

Then it's time to count the mice and little birds,...
(Cinderella and Isaac's friends)

And is it two birds,...or two mice, Cinderella's bed chamber,
or does the 'clock' ring twice?

Ooops!...someone just bumped their nose on screen,...

And Isaac doesn't miss a melodramatic beat,...

Nor does Isaac like to keep his fun to himself,...this is interactive television, CATCH!

And dodge your feet like the kitty-cat on screen,...hiding those mice is a bowl,...until Cinderella comes to the rescue,..

And then obediently pause for the next scene,...
don't worry Isaac WILL let you know exactly what to do
our little guy has no problem with delegation!!!

It's not a dull moment for the entire length of the animated movie,...

and best of all, there are sequels: 

  Cinda-Wa-Wa II
 Cinda-Wa-Wa III

and yes,...Isaac loves them all!

What we love is the imitation, a skill Isaac has had to learn, and the reason why we are sooooo picky about Isaac's television viewing. For us, the imitation is a big deal,...last summer Isaac couldn't imitate,...imitation is a vital to language development,...and it is a joy to see Isaac making his viewing so interactive,...and a joy to hear him singing even as limited as his ability,'s music and its coming from his little heart and soul,..."Cinda-Wa-Wa,...Cinder-Wa-Wa," is such progress,...and Isaac's recall is really starting to emerge and that's a HUGE blessing because before Isaac has not been able to express his memories of ANYTHING,...we know they are there,...he's sharp as a little tack,...but not to be able to express what you've experienced,...has been a huge challenge,...but bit by bit,...our little guy is coming along and enjoying his summer vacation.

Make no mistake, Isaac rather be outside, the heat and the hot and the sunburning glare,...but since Mama is such a stickler about not getting heat exhaustion or sunburn,...our little guy is a sport about biding his time,...indoors,...under air conditioning watching one of his favorite trilogies:

 Cinda-Wa-Wa: I, II, & III

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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