At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Monday, July 14, 2014


This past Saturday was SERVE DAY 2014 at our church: Church of the Highlands,...and we were among 13,000-plus members working on service projects among our communities,...and Isaac helped too!

One is never too young to learn to serve one another with love,...and Isaac LOVED helping to paint the cement with water while our group painted the lobby of a local woman's center and landscaped the outside. 

For the record,...Isaac helped to weed, a little, but it was much more fun to be had with that paint brush and bucket of water,...

Have to give kudos to anything that will keep Isaac occupied for three hours on a very hot and humid July morning!!!!

Between weeding and keeping up with Isaac,...
I also took pictures of Isaac and big brother Michael too.

Fortunately Isaac was easy to keep track of  as that water kept drying with evaporation,
like magic!!!!

When it was time to unload a load of mulch,...Isaac was eager to help,...

And hitch a ride or two,...

But Isaac did help to pick up trash and put away the tools,
so he wasn't all decorative,
and best of all he was able to witness the principal  of
Loving One Another and Being Kind To One Another in action.

After all that hard work in that July heat,....'cause it was really hot Saturday,
Isaac was ready for some lunch and ice cold drinks,...

Supper was at home,
BBQ and squash from the garden,
the summer squash cut French Fry Style is Isaac's favorite,
he can eat his weight in the stuff. 

The summer is speeding away,...SERVE DAY is already come and gone,...although there are other opportunities to serve the community all through the year,...but SERVE DAY is a biggie and it such a blessing to be able to be a part of such an outreach,...and even more so to have Isaac experience helping others, whether he fully understands yet or not,....but Isaac knew he had fun,...and he knew there were lots of other people wearing those red Serve Day tee-shirts, and that the front of the women's center looked a lot different without all those weeds and with new mulch put down, and the bushes clipped and the grass mowed,...not to mention the painted walls,...and it's a mercy that Isaac managed to navigate through the plastic draped lobby with cans and rollers of paint,...more than once, refill that water bucket,...and not get a SMUDGE on himself,...but then again,...paint is ooey-and-gooey, maybe it's not such a shock,...but Isaac did make an impact with that sunshine smile, and signing: help, water, paint,....

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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