At 42 Degrees

At 42 Degrees

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Splash Pad

A super fun summer outing has to include our local Splash Pad,...
one of Isaac's favorite places in town!

Isaac thinks it's a ball!

So much water, so little time,...

And this year,...Isaac was actually a little mischievous 
as he set up big brother Teddy for a surprise,...

Think of the behavior in the form of therapy
and this is a lot of motor-processing going on,
sequence, sequence, sequencing,....

For a BIG SPLASH!!!!!

Then,...the Ha-Ha,..
and do notice,...who didn't get wet!

Oh yes, big brother is a good sport,...

For therapy sake, 
Teddy even let's Isaac set him up again,...

Isaac wasn't the only one laughing
 at big brother Teddy,
as big brother Michael was at the Splash Pad too,
Isaac's unique versions of fun is not to be missed,
it is too hilariously joyful!

And don't fear,...Isaac got plenty wet!!!!

These anticipation buckets were 
fascinating to Isaac,
and when he wasn't setting up his big brothers,
he was hanging around for a solo big splash

To say Isaac enjoyed those water filled buckets would be putting it mildly!!!


While sleep issues have been our nemesis this summer,...water play has been nothing but beneficial for our little guy,...and that's from splashing in the bath-tub, to helping wash dishes, and yes making a soppy mess, but who cares, to playing with his water table outside, and watering the garden, getting to spend a couple hours at our local Splash Pad.

Swimming lessons are still our on agenda, but special needs classes are not easy to find, or cost $$$$,...but we're still on the look-out and with indoor pools, there is always this winter,...Isaac won't complain about taking swimming lessons in January,...he loves water,...wet, frozen,...and misty mists, which is as close as Isaac ever gets to steam. 

With summer winding down,...hard to believe and harder to write when it is still July,...but school starts in August,...and with the weather sooooo hot,...I have a good idea, that more than once,...we'll surprise Isaac with an after school trip to one of his favorite places in town,...the SPLASH PAD!!!!!

Until I post again,...may God bless and keep you!

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